Capri Flap Hobo - pics!

  1. Here are a couple of photos of my Capri Flap Hobo in black patent:heart:
    I should have waited until morning, the pics would have been better

  2. Ohhh....pretty! Congrats!
  3. Oh wow, congrats, and thanks for posting the pics alisonanna. Its different than I imagined from the stock photos--a bit bigger and slouchier than I expected. How do you like carrying it? What other colors have you seen it in?

    Enjoy your new bag. Black patent YSL is the chicest of chic! :yes:
  4. Great choice, alisonanna! It's such a fantastic bag and is gorgeous on you in the black patent!
  5. Alisonanna, your bag is beautiful and breathtaking!

    Congrats!!! :woohoo:
  6. Wow! So pretty! I love it!

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm pretty excited about this bag. The only other color I have seen it in is a beige patent. I can't wait to see it in the non-patent leather, I think it will be really nice.
    I haven't taken it out yet, maybe today will be the big debut. The inside has an interesting layout - with a center pouch attached to rings. It is slouchy, but not too deep.
  8. Congrats A.:yahoo: I saw the leather one at my NM. :yes:Good luck with your decision.:heart:
  9. [​IMG]

    here is a pic of the inside from Saks
    I wonder if the pocket will be useful or in the way?
  10. Oh thanks so much for posting pics!!! Exactly as Cosmo said, I didn't expect the bag to be as big and slouchy as it is. It's gorgeous in the black patent, too!

    My one complaint about my YSLs (Muse and DT) is that there are no compartments inside - I think this center pocket is going to be verrry useful for keeping things a bit more organized.

    Love it!!:heart:
  11. omg I just browsed over at Saks and found what could be my spring YSL bag!

  12. When I was playing with it, I loved the pocket and thought it would be really useful. Even if you don't zip it closed, it at least provides a compartment for some smaller items. Plus, since it's suspended and doesn't go all the way down the bottom, there is still room beneath it so that bigger items will fit at the bottom of your bag.

    I saw the beige patent, too, IRL which was pretty. And I was looking at a Capri Bucket in gold metallic, so I wonder if the Flap will also be available in metallics?

    Online, the only other colors I've seen available are the two nubucks shown already in this thread, and then the white leather version. There's also a black leather version available for pre-order from Neiman's which is what I have my eye on.
  13. Congrats. Love the patent leather.
  14. Beautiful. I just love the shape. Congrats!
  15. lovely!

    Is that the large or medium size?

    Enjoy your hobo!