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  1. Uhgggggh...Capra in cinnamon or basil... both are beautiful. I am a green girl but that also means I have a
  2. Are you trying to decide between them? If so, I choose cinnamon as my personal preference. However, basil is also beautiful. Whenever I'm in these situation, as long as both are beautiful colors, I just tell myself, "You can't lose!"

    Good luck!
  3. ooh, i haven't seen the basil...can you post a pic so we can compare?? :smile:
  4. [​IMG] function shimImage(img){img.src = "/store/catalog/images/shim.gif" }[​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. The basil picture does not do the dark green justice. It is very very dark green that can almost be mistaken for black in some light. Both are gorgeous. mm
  7. Definitely the basil.. you don't have that many dark green bags do you? That's different from emerald and sap green.....
  8. hmmmm.....i'd probably go basil, but that could be because i'm just loooving my emerald ZC. i think that the cinnamon is a color you can get in a lot of bags, but the basil is something you could only get in the MJ. plus, i think i just like this style in a darker color...

    HTH :smile:
  9. Thanks you guys...I will let you know as soon as they come and I make this horrid decision..For me it always comes down to two and then I can't decide. mm