Capra it cheap looking

  1. I just showed my friend my MJ capra satchel in smoke and she said its very trendy and gaudy looking with the chains on it and for the price I should of gotton something basic that will still be in style after a year. This got me thinking is this a gaudy cheap looking bag? I know others have said it looks like it would come undone at the top with the gathers. I havent even used this bag yet , buy the time I do it will be "out" of style , if such a thing still exists . im confused lol
  2. You're breaking my heart sjunky13!! I love the Capra satchel and hope to get one soon. I don't think it looks cheap at all. Ever since I kept seeing pics of it on Hilary Duff (she has it in 2 colors) I knew I had to have that bag. Then PF'er gracefeng got one and it looked so amazing on her. I think it's a great bag!! :love:

    As far as the chains go, I don't think it's an overwhelming part of the bag at all like other chain held bags MJ has come out with. I think of them more as links rather than heavy, gaudy chains.

    Don't listen to your friend! LOL:rolleyes:
  3. I agree, don't listen to your friend! It's your bag, and the only thing that matters is if you're happy with it! I don't think it's gaudy or cheap looking at all, if anything, it looks super elegant to me. It's a roomy sized bag too, so you can carry lots of stuff in it. And it def looks amazing on.

    Cheryl, good luck finding a Capra!
  4. thanks ladies my friend is a LV fan , I like the small lather goods of LV , Im not a fan of logos , she was saying that LV never goes out of style its a classic ect.. i got my capra at Saks online marked down from 1350 to 810 , they pop up on some websites time to time.. check netaporter . also I think eBay would be ok for this bag as I have never seen any knock offs, this wasnt a popular bag.
  5. If I had known you had one already sjunky13 I would have told you it was ugly and to return it right away! Then I would have logged on to Saks and bought it!! :graucho: :p Hee, hee, just teasing!

    I'm happy that you have one and best part, got it on sale! Enjoy it!!
  6. lol this one I got like 2 months ago , i was thinking of returning it and getting a Muse but I do like it, the leather isnt so soft which i guess is good cause its very durable and wont look abused
  7. No offense to your friend's taste or to LV lovers out there (sorry :sweatdrop:), but there are a lot of people who share your sentiments on logo bags (me included!) who think those look cheap and gaudy! I wouldn't be caught dead carrying a logo LV personally, and I don't give a diddly if they don't go on sale - that doesn't make them better, just that LV has their customer trained and starts at a lower price point to begin with. I love the quality of Marc Jacobs bags - you get so much more for your money, like leather instead of canvas! :nuts:

    Now about the Capra, I had some mixed feelings on it too, but for some colors especially smoke I think the tortoise & chain combo looks classy and lowkey. And at the sale price it's even better! If you love it I think you should keep it. It's all about what YOU like, not your friend.
  8. Style is a matter of personal preference, Capra Satchel doesn't look cheap to me. It's made of capra leather, it's easier to maintain. Its thick canvas lining is definitely nicer than the thin lining of Resort 2006's BAL HARBOUR Lou (looks the same on the outside). I personally like this stylish chain a lot more than Quilted Stam's thick/heavy/funky chain.

    Some members are worried about the top gathers becoming undone, but we haven't heard any complains so far.

    As far as being too trendy, no one will know in advance. Many designers are coming out with chained bags now as well.

  9. It's true that LV bags are classic (plus they retain their values very well), however, you have to like them as well.

    I personally would be wary of bags on ebay. There are replicas of Capra Satchel, it's not an un-popular style.
  10. Are you trying to decide between Muse and this?
    If you were to pay Capra Satchel's full price, then I vote for Chocolate Muse.

    MJ's Hudson is worth its $1275 price tag, it's luxurious from inside (all 3 compartments are lined with leather) to outside (unique leather).
  11. I definitely don't think that the bag is "cheap" looking or gaudy at all. I wonder what your friend classifies as being "classy"? The bag has very classic styling to it - a retro looking to it IMO.

    Did you decide to keep it?
  12. Quite frankly, the capra grows on you. I like the style of the bag but full price, with canvas lining, I didn't think it was worth it. But the sale price on NAP (300 pounds) - which was what I got it for - is a pretty good deal for what is a nice leather bag.
  13. well, i LOVE the Capra Satchel!! i think its just your friends difference in style! because like someone else said i wouldn't be caught dead wearing a LV bag! i think it screams "I have a LV Bag!!" but that is jmo!! where as MJ bags are classic but stylish! and leather!!! i would keep it if i were you, but then again i want one soo.....:graucho:
  14. Two more thoughts - sure, classic bags are a good investment, but they can also scream BORING. I think there is room for classic AND fun/trendy (which I don't think Capra is, mind you) in anyone's wardrobe. I like to have a mix to help make me feel young - which I'm NOT! LOL! You sound young, have fun!:yes:

    Plus, I love a sale (like thithi!). What's wrong with getting a bag on sale? It makes it feel even better to score a deal! I've yet to hear someone brag that they bought their bag at FULL PRICE!!
  15. ^ I disagree that classic bags are boring. Trendy bags can come and go, but the classic ones can stand the test of time. There are reasons why classic bags like Hermes Birkin/Kelly, Chanel's Classic Flap or Reissue, or LV bags never go on sale.

    There is nothing wrong with people buying bags on sale. There is absolutely nothing wrong for those of us who are willing to pay full price for ours, we don't need to brag about them.

    When a brand needs big sales (from 40 to 50 to 70% off) to clean out their inventories, it clearly says that they made more than they can sell. There are many members who will tell you that they lose confidence in such a brand. Just my 2 cents.