Capra Leather

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  1. Ok I finally decided on the cinnamon capra satchel. THe basil while gorgeous is a bit too dark and is often mistaken for black so that was the final straw. Can someone tell me why this leather is referred to as capra?? thanks maggie
  2. shows what i know - i thought capra was the style name :smile:
  3. Capra leather is used for shoes as well. It seems fine in texture and has a matte finish with some sheen to it.

    For more, we have to ask Luna. =)
  4. Capra Satchel refers to the satchel made with capra leather. The same style is often made under different lines so it can be quite confusing at times. This satchel is available under these Fall 06 lines: PYTHON, METALLIC PYTHON, CAPRA, ..

    METALLIC PYTHON Satchel ($3200; Gold, )
    PYTHON Satchel ($2500; Smoke, Cinnamon, Basil, Mustard, )
    CAPRA Satchel ($1350; Black, Dk Brown, Smoke, Cinnamon, Basil, )

    Resort 06's BAL HARBOUR line is also made with capra leather. BAL HARBOUR Lou ($1200) looks just the same as CAPRA Satchel; it's available in Black, Eggshell, Army Green, Canary, Moccasin, Turquoise.
  5. bag.lover..Thanks for the it is thicker?? versus the leather then use for purses or is it the finish...sorry to sound so dense. mm
  6. Hmmm more would you be willing to list out the lines? I thought they were new each season and the names like bal harbour were just groupings for the season. It sounds like they have differing lines with different intended audiences for each season. It would also be interesting to know where each line is made and who the design team is...thanks mm
  7. There are more than 100 items every season. The items are grouped together under different lines, SOFT CALF CLASSIC (QUILTED CLASSIC recently added) is the only line that repeats season after season (some styles get removed/added). Several colors are chosen for every line.

    When a style is available under several lines, the line name is needed to distinguish the style name from each other. For example: QUILTED CLASSIC Stam, PATCHWORK Stam, PATCHWORK METALLIC Stam, PATCHWORK CANVAS Stam, PATCHWORK PYTHON Stam, etc.

    The same style name (such as Bowler, Satchel) can be used for completely different items as well, the line name (or style number) is the only way to tell them apart. For example: QUILTED or QUILTED URSULA Bowler, IRINA Bowler, GATHERING WITH QUILTED VERNICE or GATHERING WITH QUILTED Bowler, MIA Bowler, etc.

    The official site doesn't have all the items for any given season. Ideally, all of them should be grouped by individual line. The only way to find out is to look at their look book.

    * SPRING 07 *
    Soft Calf Classic
    Soft Calf Classic Slg
    Soft Calf Classic Travel
    Quilted Classic
    Quilted Classic Travel
    Quilted Classic Slg
    Irina (leather)
    Irina (leather) Slg
    Irina (nylon)
    Irina (nylon) Slg
    Patchwork Metallic
    Patchwork Canvas
    Patchwork Python
    Patchwork Croc
    Gathering With Quilted
    Gathering With Quilted Vernice
    Gathering With Quilted Vernice Slg
    Gathering With Embossed
    Gathering With Embossed Slg
    Embossed Slg
    Key Ring Story

    * RESORT 2006 * (partial listing)
    Soft Calf Classic
    Soft Calf Classic Slg
    Quilted Classic
    Quilted Classic Slg
    Bal Harbour
    Bal Harbour Slg
    Mixed Quilted Leather
    Mixed Quilted Leather Slg
    Quilted Fabric and Python
    Quilted Signature Leather
    Quilted Signature Leather Slg
    Quilted Signature Nylon
    Quilted Signature Nylon Slg
    Sweet Punk
    Sweet Punk Slg
    Color Block
    Mixed Chain
    Fabric with Studs

    * FALL 2006 * (partial listing from NM's MJ look book)
    Soft Calf Classic
    Soft Calf Classic Slg
    Quilted Leather
    Quilted Leather Slg
    Quilted Pony
    Soft Box Bag
    Quilted Patchwork
    Metallic Python
    Leopard Fur
  8. True; some are classic, sporty, funky, trendy, etc. Non-mj stores choose only some styles for their stores, that's why it's unfair to judge the entire collection by several styles alone.

    SOFT CALF CLASSIC line is the only line that gets repeated season after season, the main ones include Venetia (debuted in year 2000), Stella (discontinued), Sophia (discontinued), Blake (Spring '04), Multipockets, Cammie (discontinued); new styles are introduced and grouped within this line as well, however, they are around for 1-2 seasons only. In Resort 06, the quilted line (introduced in Fall 05) is re-named to QUILTED CLASSIC.

    Some styles get carried onto a new season - mostly Resort to Spring since their releases are very closed to each other. The releases are planned well in advance so a style that's made for 2 seasons doesn't mean that it's more popular/successful than a style that's around for only 1 season.

    There are times when a seasonal line comes back. For example, Spring 06's MIA line is making a comeback in Spring 07. The new line is also called MIA, there are some changes (new styles are added to several returning styles). Note that the same style name might not be for the same item from the older season.

    * MIA * (SPRING/SUMMER 2007)

    16 x 14 x 4"
    Colors: Black, White, Brown

    14 x 10 x 6
    Colors: Black, Natural

    15 x 9.5 x 6"
    Colors: Black, White, Brown

    N/S TOTE
    12.5 x 13 x 3.5
    Colors: Black, Natural, Brown

    * MIA * (SPRING/SUMMER 2006)

    Colors: Black, Eggshell, Nutmeg, Green Apple,

    Colors: Black, Eggshell, Nutmeg,

    16.5 x 7 x 13"
    Colors: Black, Eggshell, Nutmeg,

    14 x 6 x 10.5"
    Colors: Black, Eggshell, Nutmeg, Cobalt, Crimson, Green Apple,

    13.5 x 7 x 6.5"
    Colors: Black, Eggshell, Nutmeg, Green Apple, Cobalt
  9. Oh my gosh...:yes: thank you so much for taking the time for this great answer. I don't know if everyone is like this, but I really like knowing to this level of detail. I'm not sure if it is just me or because we have so little here. When I first started shopping, our local Nordstrom only had blakes and I bought a bunch in every color. Finally when I got really got into this (33 bags and counting...although my high was 36) I realized the entire variety and finally slowly sold and traded until the ones I have are the ones I am keeping and collecting. I like have the choice..and the full spectrum of what is add in A class bargain hunter and it all can become quite a challenge with only one store.
    Your info was really great for me and I think others may really like it too. Is it already posted somewhere premanant?
    Bag.lover...THANK YOU.:king: You are true Marc royalty. maggie
  10. Maggie, you are a true fan/collector of MJ bags. =)
    I believe Nordstrom carries more conservative styles (many from Soft Calf Classic line). I tend to see the 'IN' styles (those featured in runways & magazines) at Barney's; NM & Saks carry pricier items as well.

    Like you, I like to know the details of the bags as well. I was very into MJ bags (more then than now), I would store all the styles/colors produced (that i came across) over the years on my database. In addition to look books, I would call different stores for information as well. I collected so many of them that I accidently found out how the decode the style number (gives the release year/season).

    Don't think so. I thought of doing a website with all the styles/colors, but I'm not sure if I will or not.
  11. Hmmm..not as much of a Marc collector now? What do you like to collect since the days of decoding the secret tags...?
    For my area...Marc is still the show stopper with only one citing of a Chloe paddington in the far. Wow huh?
    They do have conventions where sometimes the ladies will be carrying something interesting...oh and we have a coach outlet. Great!
    I think in addition to the design, the color is one of my most favorite things..and the suede..but there is just something addictive about the leather. Haven't put my finger on what exactly..but I know it's there.
    Maybe the info could just be a new thread or added to the reference area. It was really great. maggie
  12. sighting...opps..m
  13. I like a lot of brands, I'm in love with Chanel bags more than ever now. I was struck with Paddington Satchel fever before too, but their recent leather and colors aren't as impressive.

    For MJ items, I'm trying to wrap up for now; I got all the Soft Calf Classic colors for 04 & 06, I'm not done with 05 yet. Many beautiful colors were released in 2004. Resort 06's Sweet Punk bags have the the best (i haven't felt/seen Resort 06's Mixed Chain line's Kangaroo leather yet) MJ leather I have ever felt. You might not like their styles, but the leather is amazingly soft and lightweight -- very luxurious. Some of MJ's bags have leather lining -- very nice as well. =)

    Another thing that puts many people off are the fact that MJ bags go on sale nowadays. People who pay full price hestitate to buy them now since they might get reduced later.

  14. For styles from 2004 and after, the style number (printed on the original MJ paper tag) shows the exact release year/season.

    C --> C for Collections (Marc Jacobs), M for Marc (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
    3 --> 3 for Bags
    Y --> YEAR (last number in 200x)
    S --> SEASON (1-Spring, 2-Fall, 3-Resort)
    x --> STYLE NUMBER (unique) - last 3 numbers
    x --> ^^ style number is the same for items in different colors
    x --> ^^

    For example, a Collections Spring 2007 Bags item's style number starts with C371xxx.
  15. Baglover..thank you for the ever so interesting and helpful info.
    I actually feel the same way about the sales. It's really hard to pay say 1200 or more and then find it on sale from Marc at 70% off or for say $150 in NY.
    Unless ofcourse you never bought the bag..wanted it and got it for these great prices. I usually like the unusual bags and so they are also the ones that tend to go on some sort of radical sale..then I feel used.
    Now I'm waiting or getting price adjustments. I realized a while back that department stores are actually buying alot of the bags for around $220 so they are actually still making really good money if they are even half off unlike other mark ups where it is double. I have noticed that you can almost always count on the ones Nordstroms has online going on sale at some point.
    ah..well...they are beautiful bags. :rolleyes: maggie