Cappadocia, Turkey

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  1. Who's been there?
    It looks so unique!
  2. Picture...
  3. Not yet. But ironically enough, the husband and I just planned a trip back to istanbul for the fall. Won't have time to make it to Cappadocia, though.
  4. So you've been to Istanbul before? How is it? I am looking for somewhere a little less crowded, I guess. That, and this town just looks odd and otherworldly, somehow...
  5. I LOVE it!

    It's a bit busy, but no worse than, say, London or any other big city. And much prettier than NYC.

    If you need a break from heat and crowds, you have some great options. Number 1 is a day trip to the Black Sea (Sile and Agva). You could hop a ferry to the suburb of Ortokoy - lots of cafes, winding alleys with shops and an open plaza to sit and people watch. You can cool off by riding the ferry to Princes Islands (be warned: it doesn't return to your starting point, so you'll need taxi fare back to Taksim Square; you share them).
  6. Cool, thanks! I have two friends from Turkey- I should ask them if either has been to Cappadocia :smile:
  7. I've been to Cappadocia and it is so beautiful! If you can try and do the hot air balloon ride because the views are more beautiful from high above. Worth visiting for sure!
  8. I saw some of the pictures taken from a balloon. Not sure if I'm brave enough!
  9. Visited Cappadocia couple of years back in Summer together with Ephesus and Istanbul. Thoroughly enjoyed Cappadocia. Extraordinary scenery and you have to try staying in one of the Cave hotels. Highly recommend the hot air balloon and doing a horseback riding trail. Enjoy!
  10. Horses? You just decided this Texan :biggrin:
  11. Glad you liked it! I asked my Turkish friends about the best time to go, and they said "don't go in winter; it's depressing". I am considering a winter trip, though: they also said it's really crowded in the summer.
  12. Was just in Istanbul at the end of April, and unfortunately didn't get a chance to see Cappaadocia. My parents, however have been and said it is incredible.
  13. We were there just a week ago and it's really beautiful and out of the world. highly recommended.
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