Cape Cod Watch size for a lady - which one do you fancy?

  1. I like watches and from time to time can't resist another one I get to like. Lately I got my mind set on the Cape Cod with barenia (well sure) strap. The only thing that bothers me I'm in between the two sizes: regular and medium. When regular is very feminine, medium has some more of a character, don't you think? Will the medium look just as feminine on the lady's hand?
    Please, share your opinions, reasons and your choice with me (left is a regular, right - medium). Also, many of you have this model. Let me know how you feel about the one you've got.
    Thank you all in advance!:heart:
    401002WC34.jpg 731002WC34.jpg
  2. Get the medium, much more character.
  3. I :heart::heart: a big watch. Is the medium the mens size? I'm definitely going for the mens version of that watch as soon as I can!
  4. I hear you abbyroad :okay::tup:. Yes, the medium is mens :yes: and they have a calendar.
  5. I have the men's cape cod watch on order (the medium size) - I'm getting the double strap in etoupe leather, waiting for the smaller length of the double strap to come in, hence the wait. I am 99% sure I will be getting the tan barenia strap too so I can swap them around. The barenia is gorgeous but the etoupe also looks wonderful against the silver face of the watch. I need to decide which watch to get - the automatic one or the battery version, it's about 300 pounds difference I think.
  6. Automatic! Saves you money and a lot of hassle in the long run!

    I was thinking the medium would look better with the single wrap; the small with the double wrap.
  7. Isn't it only $10 or $20 to have a battery changed? Or is it more to have it done at H? My battery lasts about 2 or 3 years, so that's a long time before that $300 is worth it, IMO.

    Funny story about the automatic watches, though. DH bought a new watch last year that's self-winding but he didn't tell me that it was and then he forgot himself. A few months later, he wore his running watch for a few days in a row, so the new watch stopped winding itself because it was just sitting on his dresser. So he assumed the battery was dead and took it back to the store where he bought it. They tried not to laugh and tell him he was an idiot, but it was all over their faces :lol:
  8. abbyroad, you are too funny :lol:. Sounds like you and your DH have the similar way with your things as us here :choochoo:
    Me: Honey, where did you put you watch? Lets take it with us. We might as well change the battery on our way to....
    DH: Oh, I can't remember it now
    Me: Well, go and find it then!
    DH: Never in my life will I find it now. I totally forgot where I put it
    Me: :mad::rant:
    DH: :dots:
    Me: OH... I find it! (oops, the watch has been laying right in front of me in the open jewelry box)
  9. I have the men's size Cape Cod /w the double strap and i love it --- count me as another one who loves a large watch. I also love the idea of the Etoupe band, that might be my next color strap....Thanks for a great suggestions, I needed another neutral color.

    And Abby, I just got the battery changed in mine and the price increased for that serviced up to $65, which was annoying, the price iincrease, it about doubled my SA said. But it had been about 3 1/2 yrs so it was a good run on the old battery.
  10. Yay, my supporter too :smile:. Congratulations on your MM Cape Cod (hm I can only see MM in anything these days :p)!
    You are way more sophisticated lady then I am, L. I like that barenia is kind on neutral so I won't have to change the strap.
    Hm...DH says automatic, I say they look the same - lets spend the extra $$ on something-something.
    MrsMorris, thank you for the info on the battery pricing and your pref. size. I had no idea it would cost this much. Given your information an automatic idea looks more attractive to me now.

  11. I think you're right, automatic it's going to be. I already have a Kelly watch with a double tour and an arceau watch, it's cost a lot recently for new batteries, both went at around the same time of course.

    I love the double strap - love it on my Kelly so I am going to go for the double strap with the medium size Cape Cod - it feels like more of a bracelet/bangle as well as a watch, 2 effects for the price of one, lol.

  12. LOL, your story about DH

    I paid about 30-40 pounds for the battery change recently and did it twice so it felt like a lot of money suddenly, although I went to the best place I could think of, didn't want myy watches damaged. I was totally shocked, it used to be about 5 pounds for a new battery. I'm not that near an Hermes so I don't know what they would charge. 300 pounds for automatic is a lot though, a new scarf or two but to have three watches need batteries replacing every couple of years would soon add up plus it was very inconvenient.
  13. Yikes -- that's so expensive! Makes the automatic much more worth it, I guess.
  14. I have both. An automatic men's one and a quartz smaller ladies one.

    By far, I wear the automatic more. I love that watch.