Cape Cod Watch... Quartz or Automatic?

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  1. Dear all

    I am contemplating on a Cape Cod GM for it's simplicity, casualness and double tour bracelet option. I have several watches but I usually gravitate towards my Cartiers, followed by my diamond LV and Chanel J12.

    I realise that Hermes is a leather house (as is LV, Chanel and a few other fashion houses, but I tend to just buy what I like). However I have come to like the idea of a double tour watch. For all those who own this watch or any other H watches, is it worth getting an automatic version of the Cape Cod? Is it costly to have my batteries changed, have the watch serviced, etc? I don't like the hassle of changing batteries but I also constantly have to rewind my automatic watches since I chop and change them regularly. I know I can get watch winders etc but do you guys feel H's automatic movement is worth it?

    My store only has the quartz option and would have to order an automatic version in. I was told they won't know how the long the wait would be etc. Hence the dilemma....

    I appreciate your help and feedback on this. Thanks guys!
  2. automatic, better watch less problems over the years ! that said i never buy H watches as i think each brand has its niche hermes is leather just as cartier is watches hope it helps darling
  3. i am very interested in a cape cod watch too but am told that hermes does not make automatic watches...only quartz which has stopped me from taking the plunge...

    personally i prefer automatic...then whenever i want to wear a watch i dont have to worry about the battery running out...

    please let me know if you do manage to order an automatic...then i can insist at my local stores...
  4. Yes, it does help... and you may be right. I am of two minds. Whether an H watch is really worth it or maybe just stick with brands known for their watches. I also have enough leather bracelets to go with my normal attire... I just like the idea of having a bracelet and watch in one. Hmm...
  5. I love watches, and an automatic is a must over quartz. You can asked your Hermes SA to place an order for automatic watch, even indicate the preferred leather strap & hardware. My SA did that for one of his regular and the wait is approx 1 mth which wasn't too long.
  6. I am pretty sure they make them in both automatic and quartz. I am able to order it for sure as my SM confirmed it, it's just the wait. At first my SM said they only come in quartz only too. But upon insisting that she check, she confirmed they came in both.
  7. Personally I don't think it would be "worth" it, automatic or not. I bought H watches purely because of their look (like Medor watch).
    As you said, you already have few other leather strap watches, I'm not sure if adding another one will be of any value to you.
    But if you really like the look and want to have it, then it's a different story. :smile:
  8. Thanks happy life. I have indicated what I like but am just unsure whether to take the plunge or not. I like the watch but I feel something is holding me back... hmmm
  9. Thanks cr1stalangel. Sorry if I was not clear. I meant I have quite a few CDC and KDT bracelets to swap around to match my bags. Most of my watches don't have leather bands... A medor watch with GHW would be :nuts:
  10. Ohhh I see. My apologies, I think it was me who didn't read your post properly.
    It's a bit trickier now then. lol
    For a Medor watch with GHW, I think nowadays you can only get it preowned with good prices too.
    I love the look of it, but they are not a watch to me, more a bracelet. :biggrin: Difficult to see the time! lol
  11. I know what prevent me for getting a H watch. H is not known as a watch brand, personally it feels like a fashion watch. I love my IWC & Cartier.
  12. I have bought two cape cod watches and I love them dearly.:love: Even though I agree with most of the comments here that H is not known for watchmaking, their timepieces are not only eye candies, but surprisingly solid in terms of quality. I am a big fan of Jaguar le coultre and my H watches have lasted even longer without any problems than the former. I guess for me, automatic or quartz doesn't really matter as long as they can keep time accurately. Battery changing is only once in 2-3 yrs and it is not that much of trouble.
  13. I LOVE MY AUTOMATIC CAPE COD!!! It's my FAVORITE watch ever!!!!

    You won't regret it. The's devine!
  14. any pics? Don't mean to sound rude but just want to know the price of your Cape Cod. I got a H Hour TGM in diamonds and wondering whether mine is quartz or automatic because it doesn't say on the watch except Swiss made at the bottom and Herms paris near the top.:smile:
  15. I get that H is not known for watches, but is Chanel? How many of us treasure our J12's? I know I do. H does have fine watchmakers. I was able to speak to one in SF at the recent show.