Cape Cod Tonneau GM band adjustment help

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  1. I bought my husband the Cape Cod Tonneau GM a few days ago, and neither of us can figure out how to adjust the bracelet! It had the leather strap but it clicks like a bracelet strap. I live in Kuwait and don't speak Arabic, and the guy at Hermes didn't really understand my question when I called them. Does anyone have a similar watch that can help me?
  2. If it has the deployant clasp, you pull up on it and slide it to the position you need...easy to do but hard to explain. You could take it to any jewelry store that sell watches they can show you how.
  3. I just did a Google search on "how to adjust an deployant clasp" and there are several You Tube videos to choose from. Good luck;)
  4. Thanks guys!! I figured it out and now he can wear his watch! :smile:

  5. YAY :cool: