Cape Cod - to buy or not to buy?

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  1. The idea of getting a ladies' Cape Cod with croc strap is haunting me lately. What are your thoughts?Would you get one? Would you wear it often among your other watches?

  2. me too! I would like the green croc band! my dilemma is that i am a watch person and i am stuck on my one fave with newer ones just sitting..........
  3. I want one in natural barenia. what is the do you like hermes wallets?

    and is that the one that wraps around?
  4. I guess I am in love with the croc strap more than the watch! Although I have another watch with croc strap, I think Hermes Croc is different. That little piece is just so gorgeous.

  5. i like the watch but i dont love the watch............i was also considering the arceau
  6. Yes Guccigal. You can attach different straps to it.

    One wiht double strap in non exotic leather is approximately USD1400.
  7. ^^I think it might be a few hundred dollars more than that now, but I am not sure. Only because that was the price of one when I purchased mine a few years ago.

    I love my Cape Cod is the men's double strap. However, I have to say that I am not a watch or jewelry girl at all.....there are many days when I just don't where a watch (I carry my cell for the time) and prefer to look unadorned above all else. So, while it is lovely for me to have a rather plain bracelet-type watch to occassionally throw on with an outfit, I don't know if I would be able to sell it over many other watches. For me, the double strap, just fits with most looks and whenever I want a change I change the strap --- I have orange boxcalf, natural barenia, and white epsom so far.
  8. I think it is a nice watch to have that compliments the beauty of an H strap especially in exotic porosus. Too bad H no longer makes custom made watch straps for other watch brands. The quality of their watch straps is exceptional and does not feel worn after wearing it daily. It must be the multiple layers of leather and nice leather lining they use in their straps. Unlike other brands where the inner lining turns dark and feel damp after wearing it so long on warm humid days. I personally like Art Deco Cartier Tank watches and wished Hermes would make their straps for them.

    Why not try a Cape Cod watch at the store and ask them to bring out all the straps they have in-stock for the particular size and model of CC watch you like. Usually a white metal watch goes well with any color of strap from my experience. I have actually purchased H straps whose lug size matches some of the watches I have in other brands. Looking at the trays of beautiful stitched straps in porosus is heavenly and will entice you to buy them. Colors are just amazing including the linen thread used to stitch them. Think of them as bracelets which you can interchange depending on your mood and tells time as well. Have fun choosing one for yourself.:yes:
  9. I am also attracted to H. watches especially the double tour strap but I am still working my way through the styles, trying to figure out what is available. . .a fun research project!
  10. Thank you for all responses.

    Jaegerhomme, it is their box of straps that make it so unforgettable.
  11. ^ If your not in love with the watch, rather the strap, why don't you get a croc bracelet? I'm sure you and it would be much more affordable, something like the etriviere (which unless I'm confusing it with another style comes in a single or double loop options) I'm sure you can purchase watch straps separately and get a good watchmaker to attach it to a watch (the problem may be in matching the size of your watch loop to the size of the H ones) Either way (if the second actually is an option?!) it would be much cheaper than purchasing a watch you don't love, to achieve the same look. food for though
  12. I'm bumping this thread up because I am a total Cape Cod fan and am considering getting a (gulp) third one: the dual time.

    Any dual time Cape Cod'ers out there? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you have picts? If you have a dual time and a regular one, could you talk about the differences, similarities? Thanks in advance!
  13. MrsM is right, the price has gone up for the double-tour.

    Straight from the,'s mouth, so to speak...

    Women's Cape Cod Watch, Swiss-made, quartz movement, stainless steel case with silvered dial, Double-tour natural barenia calfskin strap with white Hermes stiching
    Ref. 401002WC34
  14. I LOVE my Cape Cod-every year I buy myself a new band-both doubles and singles-it's a really great watch-translates into lots of different fashion personalities!