Cape Cod saga Part II

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  1. You know I got the Cape Cod bug a while back and haven't lost the interest in this series since.
    I'm contemplating now over these two models, both ladies with MOP dial: one is solid gold case with leather and lizard strap choices and the Duo Time is a steel with diamonds on bezel and 8 on markers with croc stripe. I have two questions for you, ladies I hope you'd help me with:
    1. Which one do you like better?
    2. What is RRP for either model in the US or EU or your home country?
    TIA! :heart:
    20080109(002).JPG HerLadDuo.jpg
  2. Watches are very intimate items, because they'll be on your wrist all day long. I'd say go for the one that you think looks and feels the best on you. The most comfortable and beautiful on you wins. I think buying watches directly from H can be a lot more expensive than if you go to established dealers who can give some discounts. :yes:
  3. Wow.... you can't go wrong either way! I'm drawn to the one with diamonds!! It really depends, though, on your personal taste.I am a white metal type of person, but if you prefer yellow gold then you should go with the solid gold. Also, if you have no use at all for the two dials then maybe one of the single dials would be better.

    Also, the one with diamonds seems like a much dressier watch to me than the style without.

    What a great "problem" to have.... what fun deciding!!
  4. [​IMG]

    They are all lovely but I most love the one on the left for everyday smart or casual, also easy to read the time (I have a Kelly padlock watch and I can't tell the time very easily - no numbers lol), it would look great with jeans and the outfits I have seen you wearing on your posts. Don't know the current price though - USA have watches, you might find a price there.

    Would you also get an extra strap in barenia to go with your Picotin (when you finally pin down an MM size? (by the way Paris had barenia lined with v anis but in PM size)
  5. I prefer the solid gold look as it shows off the curve of the watch case. Very sensual to me! The red lizard is particularly striking. However, as allaboutnice commented, you can get other straps and totally change up the look!

    (P.S. a word of caution - pull the stem and change the time in front of your SA. We have had a bad run with H watches. I pulled a stem completely out when I was at an H store ready to buy - in front of the SA - thank goodness. Two other watches we have bought have had problems too.)
  6. This is SUCH a personal choice but I LOVE Cape Cods to so I'll throw my 2 cents in for what it's worth.....since I'm not a fan of Mother of Pearl I would have to choose the one in the center with the black face and leather band. I think that one is chic for an everyday piece.....

    (Just bought myself a double-tour Cape Cod with black Barenia band and Stainless face......ADORE it!!!!! SO, comfy on the wrist......)
  7. Hello, Hello!!!!! I like one time face unless you have the need for two. I think the lines are cleaner. I think of a :p:p being more of a need to do business-time zone watch. If you would use the two faces( wow EH is :sleepy: in CA now :roflmfao:), I think it would be a great watch to do it with. I love a croc strap. I don't know how a lizard strap holds up, but if it has a sheen, like the bag it would be beautiful. The diamonds, pretty, personal choice. I have no idea of $$
  8. I have one in stainless steel with a white face (not MOP) and love this watch! I've had it for three years & have loved the ability to switch out the straps for new looks...whichever you choose it will be lovely!
  9. Personally, I like the stainless steel with the diamonds, however, I would prefer it with just the one dial. The choice however is yours, maybe you could decide along the lines of whether you are a gold or a silver person??
  10. transcendent1, Kallie Girl, allaboutnice, oregonfanlisa, S'Mom, Encore Hermes, harleyNemma, Grill :flowers: Thank you, dear ladies for the conversation :cutesy:. It is not a matter of life or death obviously. Just felt like chatting with my girls :p
    It's just my palms are getting sooo itchy since my fixation on MM Picotin in barenia won't go away (read: because I can't get my hands on one yet). The watch is just the temporary fixing pill for me.
    I don't really need another watch...I have two Hermes watch already and a couple of diamond watch, too. I came across these two models I showed you and thought why don't I get me some?
    The thing is I am not one metal person: I like yellow gold, white gold, steel, silver, etc. I even wear my Versace work horse watch with a great pleasure: it's a steel with rose gold and diamonds.
    Well, I'll see what I do ;)
  11. L :heart:, thank you for keeping my MMPinB in mind!!! PM size...*sigh*:crybaby:
    As for the watch, when I saw these three my first "liking" was the red, too :yes:. But my skin is so pale (and salmon red when "tanned") so I guess it's not really my color although I love it!
  12. Hello-Hello!!! :biggrin: Oh, I would just get Two Time for the sake of 12 h time difference between you and me :lol: not to mention that my entire (extended) family and friends are scattered allover the world.
    I love that orange croc stripe, too and in general I prefer larger watches over small ones...and diamonds well, they are always diamonds:graucho:
  13. Diamonds!