Cape Coat

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  1. Hi all,

    Ive been wanting a cape coat for around 4 months now, but I can't seem to find one that I like. I ordered one online, but I didn't like as much as I thought might have.

    The other whilst shopping in Londons Oxford street, I saw a young woman wearing a checkered cape coat and it took my breath away! She disappeared before I could stop her to ask her where she got her beautiful cape from (weird i know lol).

    If you know anywhere where I could find them please let me know
  2. Try eBay and search for Cape Coat
  3. I got one in H&M years back... I think they have more in this year
  4. the Zara ones are gorgeous!
  5. theres a really nice cape sweater by T alexander wang - its only $250
  6. Do these make people look heavier? I am thinking about getting one but I don't want to look bigger, LOL
  7. hmm

    it would be my dream to wear this one, but i dont know where to find it!!
  8. so... has anyone gotten the zara? would luv to see mod pics!
  9. I can't seem to get used to these, can someone model one. I'm not even trying them on at the store, they just look weird to me. The last person/actress I saw wearing this was one of the Gossip Girls, Blair-a green one she was meeting chuck on top of the empire state building.
  10. I just got's a stock pic of it. :heart:

  11. I'm actually loving capes...look at how you can dress it down or up, jeans, leggings with OTK boots, dresses with tights..