Capacity of the Sonatine...

  1. Can't find a "what fits in your Sonatine" thread. Can anyone with the purse clue me in on its capacity? Thanks! :flowers:

  2. i tried this on once in the store back in January, but i didn't buy it because it didn't fit as much as i liked. it could hold my wallet, phone, and makeup, but it was extremely tight, because it's very narrow inside, kind of like the Multicolore Shirley.
  3. i love the shape of this bag (i just hate the vachetta)'s nice as an evening bag...because i normally keep my bags on my lap when i go out...but my friend has the sonatine and she can lean against the bag without affecting the shape of the bag...
  4. I use it as an evening clutch and usually just put my make up, phone (blackeberry, I say type of phone to show bag capacity), cash and credit cards... it fits all perfectly... I have used it a couple time during the day and has fit a zippy style wallet by coach in there comfortably also...
  5. I love the shape of this bag too. I remember trying it on a while back but my needs are a bit different now.

    I'm hoping to fit my ludlow, cles/keys, and two cells in it + some room to spare. Doable?:upsidedown:
  6. i think it's possible..why don't u go to a store and try it out?
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