capacity of reissue v. classic flap

  1. Hi, everyone. I have a 227 reissue (grey w/silver -- awesome color!). Although it doesn't appear to be a small bag, it carries a LOT less than you would think it would by looking at it, in my opinion. Does anyone else find this to be true? It seems I can barely carry anything in it! I was wondering if this is due to the extra flap underneath the exterior flap -- that it takes up extra room. I have never seen a classic flap IRL. Does it also have an extra flap? Is it also deceptively small, capacity-wise? Thanks for your insight.
  2. Actually I am happy with the amount of stuff my 227 can carry! At first I was afraid to stuff it but now I do and I love it.
    It fits my make up case (which is sorta fat) hehe...

    I personally think classic flaps carry less bcs leather not stretchy at all!
  3. My jumbo classic flap holds quite a bit. It surprised me when I got it. There is only one flap, and besides the main inside compartment there is one inside slide pocket that runs the length of the bag, an inside zip pocket, and outside back pocket. I can fit my long wallet, checkbook, cell phone, comb or brush, and lipstick/gloss. If I take my cell phone out of the case and put it in the inside slide pocket, there is enough room in the main compartment for my Chanel sunglasses and hard case. These are all my essentials and it doesn't feel crowded at all.
  4. i think it depends on the flaps + re issues size ..

    for me 2.66 is pefect for my junk... classic flap are good as well ,, east west forces me 2 be very selective with my items