Capacity of epi pochette?

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  1. Is it the same size/does it hold as much as the mono one? Is the strap the same length too? I'm considering getting an epi one but it appears like it holds less than the mono.
  2. It actually doesn't hold as much, as far as I know. It's really thin and can probably hold a cell, few dollars or CC's, a pen and a lip gloss. I don't really know how much it can be stretched out without looking too weird. And as for the strap, I think it's about the same length, so it would probably need the extender as well.
  3. I would like to know too because I want to buy a black one for winter!
    Label_Addict has one, I think? Can anyone here post a pic of what it can hold, pretty please?
  4. thanks, but does anyone have both the mono and the epi and can compare them side by side. Looking at what other people can fit in theirs doesn't give me a sense of whether it fits less things than my mono or the same. If it's less, then I'm not getting it because the mono is really the minimum I need.
  5. I don't have both but I can definitely say that the epi fits less stuff for it's thick leather and quite a flat pochette. if you stretch it out too much it either won't close or will look very strange.

    and the extender is needed if you wanna wear it on your shoulder when wearing a coat or jacket
  6. Hmmmmm, they do fit less than the mono but I love them, I have two that I get a lot of use out of. I don't need to use the extender ever but I do have pretty skinny arms.....So here's what I can fit plus my phone (but I was using it to take the picture) it's not too bad.......
    0920061822.jpg 0920061824.jpg
  7. Thanks Lola!
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