Capacity diff between Papillon 26 and Speedy 25

  1. Can anyone tell me if you can fit just as much in the Papillon 26 as in the Speedy 25?
  2. I have had both, and I could definitely fit more in the Speedy...maybe the shape of it, or the fact that the Speedy was not as structured??? I love the Papillon, but I prefer it in the the 30...and you get the cute mini pap with it!
  3. Yeah, I agree. The Speedy 25 has a little more room. It also has a pocket which the Papillon doesn't . The little papillon also does not have the matching mini (that goes with Papillon 30) I think the canvas lining is more practical then the leather lining.
  4. I have a Papillon 26 and a Speedy but its 30. Speedy 25 is more spacious and you can put more stuff in it.:smile:
  5. I have both and I can definitely get more into the Speedy.
  6. i don't have a papillon, but i have speedy 25.
    and by the outlook, i think 25 can fit more :P
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