Capacity Comaprison: City/Purse/Part-Time

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  1. Took these shots for someone who was curious about the various spave available in these three bags, so thought someone else might find them useful too. I can say, after going trhough this exercise that the the (discontnued) Purse may have a little more room than the City, OR, it might just be a different configuration. I carry a LOAD of stuff on a day-to-day basis (though usually not the Hannah Montana DVD - LOL!!). It fits beautifully (with room to spare) in a Part-Time, a little less so in the Purse and I have to actually organzie (say it ain't so!!) things in the City.

    Mods: if I should have put this anywhere else, apologies. I wasn't trying to make more work for you. Couldn't post in reference (of course) and didn't know where else to put it! If it needs to be removed or just moved, please do so. Many thanks!
    DSC_3533_1.JPG DSC_3534_1.JPG DSC_3535_1.JPG DSC_3536_1.JPG DSC_3537_1.JPG
  2. Really useful! Thanks for posting!

    BTW, you have gorgeous bbags and accessories ... especially that turquoise coin purse!
  3. Please mods...kill this thread...I blew it...sorry! I have to figure out how to post more than five thumbnails... Thanks and sorry again!!!
  4. ^You can only post 5 thumbnails per post, so just post again with the rest of your pics. :yes:
  5. Great idea! Thanks for posting.
  6. Thanks for posting, though this to show the capacity of the bag, I cant stop drooling at your gorgeous CP and AG :drool:
  7. sorry i'm a little confused - so the city fits more than the part time ? this is very helpful to me because i'm debating between the two right now :smile:
  8. I think she was saying the the PT fits more than the City, and the City may fit about the same as a Purse.