canyou really really really use a gst as everday bag??????

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  1. should wheather rain, sun, diapers scratches and a tad bit of roughness. should also sit on the ground vs a chair at reastaurant or cafe.
    will it overcomethe mentioned above?????
  2. i use mine as an everyday bag. holds up very nicely.
  3. I think GST can be used as everyday bag..but one thing keep me from GST is the open top..but if I can find one in pink..I'll forget about the open top...:P regarding scratches..I guess as long as its caviar its quite durable and no need to worry about it
  4. [FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]i am using mine (beige w/ gold hw) now, truly a care-free everyday bag. and i do put it on the ground sometime.

  5. Thew caviar leather is very strong.
  6. I think it's a great everyday bag.
  7. i think u definitely can use it as everyday's bag :yes:
    the caviar leather is VERY durable
  8. it is:yes:
    We have seen some photos of severely mishandled GSt's that lose their structural integrity. But I think those cases are rare and to be expected, to be honest, due to the negligence thst's so obvious when these people used the bag.
  9. I agree..
  10. I believe the majority of the ladies who own a GST use it as an everyday bag.

    I'm sure the GST is one of the most practical Chanel bags out there.
  11. Absolutely...I use mine most everyday lately - - it holds everything well and the caviar is worry-free! Enjoy it!
  12. I use mine and no worries at all! Enjoy!
  13. My beige/gold chain GST holds up very well. I've been using it quite a bit since I got it about 2 weeks ago. Sometimes the leather gets dirty, but all I do is either rub it clean with a damp cloth or use a soft eraser to get the stains off. I love this bag and am waiting to get another one in black :smile:
  14. If I had one I would certainly use it as an everyday bag.
  15. Yup! I use mine all the time and it still looks great! The caviar is worry free and very durable. I don't worry too much about scratching it.

    I don't put it down on the floor though. :nogood: