Travel Canyon Ranch Spa at The Venetian


Jan 6, 2010
So what do you all think of CR spa? I am thinking of getting a massage there when we visit soon. Or should I just do the pass and enjoy the aquavana/sana?? experience....can anyone explain what that is? Thanks!
Feb 8, 2008
Everything IS bigger in TX!
I have been to the following spas in Las Vegas: Bellagio, The Canyon Ranch, Aria, and NYNY. Canyon Ranch has been the best one so far for what they have included in their spas!

I did get massage at Canyon Ranch at V and the massage was great. If you have time, go there early and enjoy the ammenities of the spa which would be included, you can easily spend 4 hours in there from the time you check in till you chech out. If you don't feel like spending a whole lot of money but still like to relax, you can also just go for the using the spa alone and not get any treatment and just pay a cover charge.


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
I've been to Canyon Ranch in Tucson. Not the same thing as a spa withing a Las Vegas hotel, but everything they do is top notch, IMO. Get a massage and maybe a facial. The best facials I've ever had were at CR.