Canvass different on DE Speedy 25b and 35b?

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  1. I purchased a Speedy 25 b in DE (made in the USA) last year and I LOVE it. The size is GREAT!

    I also ended up with a MIF Speedy 35 b, also in DE, I intend to use this more for travel.

    Both bags were purchased by me at stores in the USA, about 8 months apart. I am noticing a difference in the canvass, the 25b is almost more rubbery and the canvass was almost "firmer." My 35 has a different type of canvass, it's less rubbery.

    Both of my bags are the "newer" model with the interior zip pockets.

    I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this? I am asking the famous question....Am I crazy??? I know they are both authentic. Just curious!
  2. I have noticed this too, there is one type of canvas that is more matte and one that has more sheen, I'm talking about new items side by side, not the shine that develops after using the canvas for a while,

    How about the color between your Speedies? Are they the same shade? Which one do you like better?
  3. The 25 is great as is because the type of canvass seems to make it more structured. The 35 canvass is more pliable, which is good since it's a huge bag. The colors are a smidge different, but not much, the leather is identical.

    I like them both and think they each work in their own way.

    I am glad I was not the only one that noticed this!
  4. There are several posts talking about the different canvas, check the FAQ's when you get a chance.
    It worked out nicely that your 25 is firmer and more structured, mine are the opposite, I have a 30b from 2011 that is thicker and firmer and a newer 25 that is softer and pliable. I love them just the same but yes the difference is significant.
    Enjoy your pretty Speedies :speedy:
  5. Could it be because of the size difference? The 25 is a smaller bag so maybe it appears or feels firmer because it doesnt have as much room to slouch?

    I only say that because when i first went into get a speedy i was set on a 35, but once i tried it i didnt like it because it was so slouchy! I finally got myself to try to 25 and fell.. In love!

    But i have heard the quality of the canvas overall has gone down. Its not as thick as they say.. I watched a gal on youtube that did a compairson with her new speedy and older speedy. The older speedy literally stayed in shape while the newer started to slouch.. And they were the same size bags.
  6. I know that over the years the canvas quality/thickness has changed for the Speedy - I've compared my 30 from '98 to the current ones now and they're definitely thinner and more rubbery - but for the difference between your bags I can only think that it has something to do with the size difference (the 35 being larger will also be heavier and more prone to slouching under it's own size and weight) as well as the natural variances that occur between canvas batches. I've seen identical bags side by side - same country of origin and made in the same year - and there's sometimes a difference in colour/shade, especially noticeable on DE, sheen, texture (rubbery or more 'dry'), and sometimes even an odour.