Canvas Sukey VS Guccissima sukey

  1. Hi I'm going to purchase my 1st Gucci bag (only have LV bags) but am undecided as to whether I should get the canvas or guccissima. I want to get one with the least maintenance. I want either the champagne trim sukey gg or champagne guccissima but want to know which one is least maintenance. I know with the canvas the thread starts fraying after time and with the guccissima I have to worry about denim transfer and the color possibly peeling. Please tell me the pros and cons (if you have these bags) and which you'd get. Thanks
  2. Did you decide? I don't own either, but I see a woman at my kids' karate classes with a white Guccissima Sukey and it looks absolutely stunning! I'm looking at getting a Sukey soon, and am considering the same issues you are. Good luck!
  3. There should be lots of threads already on this question :yes:
  4. Which one did you choose? I vote for a dark color guccisima. I own 2- love them
  5. How's the durability and maintenance of a dark color guccissima? I am trying to decide whether to get the red one or the chocolate brown or the off white. I've seen a picture of the off white one and it's absolutely stunning.
  6. My avitar shows my G gucci hobo. I have mine since 2009. Still looks great!
  7. I have 2 browns (1 chocolate, 1 espresso) and 1 black guccissima. I have a black pebbled leather sukey (indestructible).

    I saw a pic of someone's brown guccissima with discolorations...but I do not know if it was a real Gucci or the person's care habit. I have spoken with others & SAs who have had no problem with their brown guccissimas.

    My small espresso horse bit tote with no bottom has held up extremely well over the last year- which is a testament to the durability.

    So, go for the one that you want. But the browns are beautiful
  8. I have the large black guccissima sukey, and I have had no issues with it what so ever. As long as you don't put it in a situation where it can get scratched up, it's pretty low-maintenance. You also don't have to worry about denim transfer, unremovable staining, and other issues associated with uncared canvas bags. I would definitely recommend guccissima over canvas.
  9. This is good to know...I keep seeing the fraying...I guess guccissima is the way to go.
  10. Guccissima. Mine is black and looks great after a few years, it could scratch I suppose but I'm not careful with mine and I've had no issues. My canvas bags though have gotten dirty and stained but I carried them in my early 20s when I was out at clubs all the time. They look awful. Guccissima is def worth the price. I recommend a dark color. The handles of my light bags show their age. In fact, guccissima is all I carry now from Gucci.
  11. Off to work with my sukey

  12. Thank you so much! This has been really helpful! I think I'll go with the dark chocolate one.:smile:
  13. Coincidentally, I am carrying my dark brown guccisima mayfair medium tote (classics collection) today. It is a beauty. Let me know when you get it.
  14. I would ALWAYS go with the guccissima leather especially when it comes to the Sukey. That style has folds in the design and you will get a good deal of wear on the ridges of those folds. I learned this the hard way with my first canvas one. I loved it to DEATH and had to go back and get one in leather lol
  15. I just recently bought the canvas sukey and I love it :smile: the guccisima is also very nice as well. I don't think you could go wrong either way