Canvas strap or not?????

  1. In seeing Arcangels beautiful Kelly with the canvas strap, I'm thinking it might be the answer to my strapless Vintage Kelly issue I've been grappling with. It's only recently (with the arrival of my Chocolate Kelly) that I've begun to use the strap during the day. It's kinda nice to have it for those moments when I need hands free.....

    What do you guys think about the canvas black strap to use when needed with my Vintage black Kelly and my Black Bolide (don't have a strap for her....)? I'm a little worried about rubbing since the vintage Kelly doesn't have that extra piece of hardware at the handle that usually accomodates a strap.....:s
  2. hmm if it's vintage like you say it might get a little damaged after a wille I usually carry messanger bags with straps and the bags have some sorth of deterioration where the body touches, I would carry the kelly by the handlel like it was meant to be!

    wich gets me thinking I want a kellly depeches...
  3. Shopmom...I don't care for the canvas strap much. I do know the purpose/need for it, so if you feel you need it...I say by all means go for it.

    I just feel these lovely bags are meant to be used as handheld...but our lifestyles have changed so much we need hands free.

    Whatever works for you I say go for it!

    My vote is handheld though!!!
  4. I have the canvas strap but it is for my very casual evelyn. I think the canvas fits comfortably and if the kelly were a retourne I would think it could look casual but your vintage I would stick to hand held classic.
  5. Yeah.....that's where I'm leaning as well.....just keep it handheld.
  6. I am not a fan of the canvas strap. H will custom make a leather strap for your bags....
  7. Hmmm, I am not sure your vintage Kelly would like that.

    If you need a strap for both bags, might it be worth it to order a leather one? I know they are $$ but if you divide the price between the two bags (Hermes math), why, its like getting it half price!

    I would worry a bit about using it withough the extra hardware for the strap, but I think you would not be over-doing it, so it might be OK.
  8. ^^ what CB said -- get the leather one.

    (ps, CB -- thought you had your courbettes scarf???)
  9. ^^^its on the way DQ, maybe today??? :yes: :yes:
  10. Since I am spending shopmom's money, do we know how much the strap might cost?? Is it an SO?
  11. I looked into it, between $500-600 depending on type of leather etc. It's a SO (they will measure you for the exact length of strap etc) and will take about 6 months.
  12. ^ That's not so bad considering the canvas strap is already ca. half the price if not more.
    You can also sometimes find leather straps on eBay.

    I love the canvas strap on my Evelyne, it is very, very, very comfortable and NEVER falls off my shoulder (I recently carried my Burberry Sadie which has a wide leather strap and got annoyed to death by the strap constantly sliding off. At the time I got it, I didn't notice and it didn't bother me. Now that I have been introduced to H bags, this is is something I just cannot tolerate any longer...). But canvas for Kelly or Bolide? Nah.
  13. I'd get one for the Bolide, but don't think I'd use it on the Kelly.

    If you did get one for the Bolide, you could always give it a go on the Kelly and see how you like it. You probably won't,'s too 'sporty' a look for a vintage Kelly.

    Having said that, there are Ladies in the Asian thread with canvas straps on their Kelly's that just look SO fab!
  14. Don't mean to Highjack but . . .I have seen many post about the canvas strap and I don't understand. I recently bought a Kelly and it came with a leather strap. What are the benifits of the canvas strap rather than the leather.