Canvas strap for Kelly

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  1. I am considering getting a canvas strap for one of my Kellys to wear messenger-style. I would love to hear from those of you who have done this, how much it cost, how long a wait, how often you use it and what you think of it. Does it work better with a particular size Kelly (say, 32 or 28)? I love the picture of Renee Zelweger carrying her croc Kelly this way. Do you think there is any risk in having the Kelly's side rub against your clothes, especially jeans? I am not thinking so much of color transfer but more about damaging the leather.
    Any pictures would be great too.:smile:
  2. What a coincidence that you're considering the canvas strap, Tamarind! I just ordered one for my retourne Vert Anis Kelly last week! My store will order one that matches the colour and the leather.

    I have no idea how long I'll have to wait or how much it is .... I hardly think it'd be too expensive.

    And yes, seeing Renee's pic this week sealed it for me, that I made a right decision ordering the strap.

    About damage to the leather .... I don't recommend this messenger style of wearing the Kelly for box calf. I was told the abrasion of the leather on jeans especially, will give the bag white patches, which CANNOT be refurbished.
  3. Great idea.
  4. I would love to know approx price range. Does anyone have an idea?
  5. Just bought one myself for my Vintage Black Box Kelly and can't wait for it to arrive. I think this will be THE thing that will allow me to use the bag much more. I want that "casual" look too......I don't think you need to worry about damaging the leather......I have a strap for my vintage toile/Marine Kelly and so far no damage whatsoever and I use it with the strap almost all the time. No damage to the handle where it attaches and no color transfer.....
  6. ok I am waiting for a call back from an SA at my store here in Alaska.

    I called about the straps and she said that Paris is considering having all of these straps in stock and ready for everyone interested in the future. She said that they will also have 2 different lengths. She is calling Paris now, and she will call me back. I will post with info after she calls
  7. I really love this look!!! I dress casually 99% of the time and I've struggled a bit with getting my kelly to look casual enough, even though it's togo souple. Thank you FleurDeLis, I can't wait to hear what your SA has to say.
  8. Here is the skinny on kelly canvas straps:

    The SA said that for the color leather combo I need (rouge garrance clemence)as of now, it has to be made. She said they can make whatever length you want. She said that the best bet is to go to the store with your kelly and try on differnt size straps that are made for the evelyn bag and that will give you some idea of the lenght you need/want. She said the cost is 300.00 but she could not give me a time frame since it all depends on the work ahead of you when you place your order. Thats it. I hope to order mine soon
  9. ^ thanks for the info!!
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I tried the current strap messanger style and it fits. The boxcalf and leather bit is REALLY good to know. Thanks MrsS :flowers:
  11. princessfrog, it's our store supervisor who told me that about box calf. Double check with her if you like. :flowers:
  12. MrsS ~ That Is Really Good To Know. It's Such A Great Look (Out Of The Rain!)!!!
  13. Thank you everyone for such great info. Now I have to go order one (or two)!
  14. I :heart: our store supervisor :heart: I need to drop by H store soon, next week seems a good time. :yes:
  15. Urgh! It's been rainning DAILY here! :cursing: I was about to bring Ms Kelly out last night and it poured big time. Took Ms Speedy instead,