Canvas Speedy 25 opening?

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  1. Hello :wave: Do any of you that have the 25 have trouble with the small opening (getting things in and out of the bag) and wish you would have gone for the 30? Or do you love your 25 and are happy that you chose it?
  2. If you love the size of the 25 but hate the opening.. Look at the empreinte 25. They made the zipper go down the sides of the bag which makes the opening much bigger! :biggrin:
  3. It was the zipper opening that made me choose the 30. The 25 is such a cute size, but I didn't want to get frustrated with the zipper.
  4. Thank you for the suggestion, I will definitely consider that for next fall! I am looking at the DA for spring/summer and love that the canvas is so lightweight.
  5. Thanks, ITA the 25 is such a cute size! The openeing hadn't even crossed my mind until my sweet SA mentioned it.
  6. I have a Speedy 25 in DA and I don't have problems with the opening! Everything I carry can be put ín and out easily. Examples for what I carry: Mini Pochette, Sunglasses Case, ZCP, tissues, Clés, Smartphone, Card case, keys. The size looks so pretty, especially in Damier Azur, holds a lot, looks cute for day and evening :smile:
  7. The opening is narrow IMO. It's what made me buy the 30 (still have the 25 but hardly use..). I had trouble getting my zippy wallet in and out and my hand gets scratched.
  8. Thank you DznrBagLvr and Isis23 for your feedback!
  9. Agree - it did take me a few days to get used to the opening (scraped my hand a few times) but I have no problems now, and it's the right size for what I carry.
  10. I have the 25 (and 30). I have no problems getting my stuff in and out. But I do carry smaller SLGs: ZCP, mini pochette, Tolietry 15, 4 key holder. But honestly unless you have man hands I don't see it being an issue. People buy the alma bb and that opening is much smaller.

    Get what you like! TPF'ers always push everyone to the 30, but the 25 is super cute and holds a lot.
  11. I have the 25, 30 and 35. My favorite is the 25 because it sits nicely on my lap in the car when I'm not driving and at the movies (instead of on the floor, yuck!). The 30 and 35 are too big for most occasions, but great for school and traveling. The 25 can fit and hold much more than you think and I've never had any problem getting things in and out. Plus the 25 looks like a true handheld bag, while the 30 and 35 always makes me feel like I'm carrying luggage around.
  12. I have 3 Speedys now. They are classic mono 25, Mon mono 30 and Empreinte 25. I much prefer the look of 25 and like other says, it fits so much more than you can imagine and opening is not a issue. If you are worried about the opening, Empreinte 25 will be perfect. Because the zipper opens little bit wider than regular 25.
  13. I had the 30 just to have the wider opening but it was to big for what I carry and exchanged it for the 25 and at first it kinda bothered me just because I was putting to much thought into it. Now that I carry the 25 everyday I don't think twice about the opening and I'm happy that I got the 25.
  14. Thank you all so much for your feedback! I think the size 25 will work well, as I will only be carrying a LV long leather wallet, toiletry 15, and a few other small items. My main concern is will the zipper scratch my leather wallet going in and out?
  15. I have a 25 and love it! I use a full size Sarah wallet or a full size red leather Coach wallet usually and have not had any problems.

    As long as you don't get into a rush to take your wallet out or put it in it should be fine. You could scratch a wallet on any bag with a zipper if you were in a hurry I think.