Canvas Roxy

  1. Could any of you girls give me opinions on the canvas roxy the idea of it being waterproof is a selling point for me
    anyone have any pics?:drool:
  2. I think that its a good fun bag for a worth while cause but wouldn`t buy one for the inflated prices they are asking on eBay at the moment.

    But saying all of this , I wouldn`t want one.
  3. i don't mean the gap one i mean the proper mulberry made in canvas with leather trims and handles with all the mulberry studs as on the roxanne i think this was a 2006 range
  4. Never heard of it...

    Would imagine it would get dirty fairly quickly and I like my Mulberries to be Leather.
  5. Not keen- prefer leather!
  6. i just thought they would be a little more weather friendly :idea:
  7. Does it have the funky yellow leather trim? That's what I don't like. It if was tan calfskin- would love it.
  8. The one i have seen is beige with tan leather trim with delicate lilac stitching patterns on the trim
  9. Bayley - post pics so we can see!!!!!
  10. You could try and hunt down a glove Roxanne. The glove leather is a lot more resistant to rain than Darwin. Would age better than canvas, too. My concern about canvas bags is how to clean them. Do you get them dry cleaned? Chuck 'em in the washing machine? I think I'd be even more precious with a canvas bag than I would with leather.
  11. how well does the glove age in comparison to the darwin? x