Canvas Roxanne and Blenheim?

  1. These bags did not sell well for Mulberry. Was there a particular reason for this? I own a Mulberry Canvas Blenheim and I get so much comments whenever I use this bag, much more compliments than my other Mulberry bags:

    Ginger Alana
    Scotchgrain Boston
  2. Anyone?:sad:
  3. Post a picture. I haven't seen them other than the odd bag popping up on eBay.
  4. mul3.jpg


    The Blenheim one is mine
  5. Thanks. Does the bag have a shoulder strap and a messenger style strap? If so, that's clever. I'm too rough for canvas.
  6. Hi,
    The Blenheim Canvas style is just like the leather ones. the pockets and the strap is in leather (only one strap). It is a very strong canvas very durable. I did see the Roxanne Canvas at last year.