Canvas Paddy?

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  1. Was in NYC for Easter and happened across a couple of canvase & patent leather paddys in Bergdorf Goodman. They were about $1300 ex tax. I backed out of the store in a hurry to prevent an impulse purchase and have been regreting it pretty much every moment since. Haven't been able to find anything about them now I'm at home though... Can anyone help? Can't see any trace of them on the BG website or elsewhere!

    Tks... :smile:
  2. I have seen the canvas paddies on NM lookbooks, and they are lovely! NM is having a sale, buy two bags/wallet and get $400 off, you might want to check your local NM. I will be going to NM near me this afternoon, and if I see the canvas paddy, will report back here!
  3. I'm pretty sure I saw one at NM last weekend and if I recall I didn't like it... definitely wasn't memorable enough for me to recall for sure.

    I buy my Chloes for the beautiful leather and I don't see the point of shelling out that kind of money on a mostly canvas bag. I am not one to complain about the weight of Chloes either but I can see that this might appeal to some for that reason.
  4. Ach - unfortunately I don't actually live in the states, so checking them out instore isn't an option anymore :sad: NM don't seem to have them online either. Will have to keep ferreting about, I suppose!
  5. NM at newport beach has it, I think the price is $1280.
  6. I haven't seen one before! Anyone have a pic?
  7. i cant imagine a canvas paddy ... would love to see piccys
  8. emm :confused1: , there were a couple of tweed ones out last year (which I didn't really like), but I've never seen or heard of a canvas one. Would love to see a picture to see what they are like, but I don't think they would be my cup of tea TBH.
  9. Eeesh! I just saw one in the last three days but I cannot for the life of me remember where! The canvas ones are similar to the tweed... let me see if I can remember where I saw the pic.
  10. i would love to see a patent leather paddy
  11. i feel like there are patent paddies? or maybe im wrong ?