Canvas or toile for a kelly

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  1. I've just been wondering what the approximate difference in cost is between 'cloths' and leather?

    How much should a person expect to spend on a brand new canvas or toile (with leather accents) Kelly?

    I realize that many of you have said that the only way to go, with Kellys and Birkins, is with the leathers. But I'm just curious, re: pricing.

    Does anybody have a Hermes bag that is made of any of the cloth materials. Also, I read about 'horsehair canvas' which doesn't seem to be really like horsehair, to me, in pictures. Anybody know anything about this? I had a completely different impression of what horsehair should be, so was surprised to see this looking kind of like canvas, when I saw a photo of it. (Sorry, have not got a photo to post).

    Thanks so much in advance! I hope these questions haven't been addressed anywhere else before. I searched, but I couldn't see anything. Apologies, in advance, if they have! Thanks, guys!
  2. Hey Melisande! Can you post pictures of the horsehair canvas?

    I actually prefer the look of cloth on the Kelly bags. Just seems a little more light/casual to me!
  3. I don't know too much about the cloth types, but I do like the toile fabric. I've heard it's been specially treated to repel stains but I'm not sure about the cost. I think I remember hearing that it is the same or very close to an all leather bag - those who know, correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Thanks so much!

    And I've kind of been liking the lighter look too, Intl.

    I think I've got a picture of the 'horsehair' canvas now. Will just try to post.
  5. Hope this works! :biggrin:

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  6. This is from an ebay listing -- the bag is being sold by ladyauthentic, and I find it very tempting.
  7. That indeed is gorgeous!
  8. Stunning. Love the leather combined with this fabric.
  9. Very classy bag. Elegant and timeless.
  10. Sorry for starting this up again but now I'm confused what is the difference with toile & canvas?
  11. toile is the French word for canvas. :smile:
  12. :blush::blush:I'm so embarrassed.I really didn't know.Should have asked my son I guess since he's learning french as well.Dum-dum me.Now I'll go & hide.
  13. PS-Thanks Allan!!
  14. it's ok. no one knows everything.

    and you're welcome. ;)
  15. canvas is toile. there is toile and then there is crinoline--