Canvas or toile for a kelly


Jan 20, 2006
I've just been wondering what the approximate difference in cost is between 'cloths' and leather?

How much should a person expect to spend on a brand new canvas or toile (with leather accents) Kelly?

I realize that many of you have said that the only way to go, with Kellys and Birkins, is with the leathers. But I'm just curious, re: pricing.

Does anybody have a Hermes bag that is made of any of the cloth materials. Also, I read about 'horsehair canvas' which doesn't seem to be really like horsehair, to me, in pictures. Anybody know anything about this? I had a completely different impression of what horsehair should be, so was surprised to see this looking kind of like canvas, when I saw a photo of it. (Sorry, have not got a photo to post).

Thanks so much in advance! I hope these questions haven't been addressed anywhere else before. I searched, but I couldn't see anything. Apologies, in advance, if they have! Thanks, guys!
Hey Melisande! Can you post pictures of the horsehair canvas?

I actually prefer the look of cloth on the Kelly bags. Just seems a little more light/casual to me!
I don't know too much about the cloth types, but I do like the toile fabric. I've heard it's been specially treated to repel stains but I'm not sure about the cost. I think I remember hearing that it is the same or very close to an all leather bag - those who know, correct me if I'm wrong.