Canvas or Straw Tote

  1. I need advice. I never thought I would but now I really want a tote for summer. Something that I can carry all of the kid's and my own stuff in that is not my diaper bag. Does anyone have a legacy canvas or straw tote ? Which one is better, what style. I really want one that is maybe not white so it doesn't show dirt, also want the front pocket with turnlock and legacy lining, Am I asking for too much lol ? Also what time of year would be better to buy, I don't care if it is previous year model. I have never bought or sold anything on eBay, do they fake these ? When will the outlets sell them etc. thanks for the advice !
  2. That color combo is really pretty! I have this bag in all white leather and LOVE the functionality of it! Although I would be worried about getting the white canvas dirty...the leather just wipes clean. I'm not sure about pricing and stuff, but I haven't seen a lot of this style faked (unlike Carly!!). You can use the "Authenticate This" section of tPF for some great advise to help you make sure an item your stalking is truly authentic. Good luck on your search!
  3. Thanks so much ! I am also interested in the style a few years ago that came out, it is a pocket shoulder tote. A few celebrities had it, it was an "it" bag at one point but wonder if it was ever made in signature. If so, I would like either the khaki white combo or khaki ebony but I don't know if they ever made this. My issue with a lot of Coach bags is that they don't make the strap long enough for me but this bag seems like it has a longer strap, this is the link to one
  4. ^^ Not sure about the style b/c it was before I became obsessed with Coach, but the creed looks funny to me...But it has the bullseye outlet patch on it. Anyone else with an opinion??
  5. The bullsey is from the outlets. they stamp them so that you can' return to the full price store
  6. ^^ I know about the outlet bullseye but the creed looked a little funny at first and I am not familiar with the style. It's a cute bag though!!
  7. The only place you can get them seem to be on eBay or "bag borrow steal" has them. I prefer the turnlocks to the buckles and wish they would make them again with turnlocks.
  8. Woah - I just tried clicking on the second listing again and it's been pulled. WTH?!

    I agree with you about the turnlocks vs. the buckles!
  9. YEs, That is why when all of this legacy 06 stuff came out in the outlets I was really tempted to get the signature khaki and ebony satchel but I am holding out for the one with turnlocks lol ! I heart them
  10. I love the straw totes for summertime..they are so thick and sturdy and if dirt gets on them it doesn't really show. They make really cute ones with pink trim, etc....I would check on eBay for them!
  11. Thank you ! I would love a pink one !
  12. i have the straw legacy tote from summer of 2006. i found it at the vacaville outlet in california in may of 2007 for $135, it was originally $300. i was actually very lucky to find this. i've never seen these at my outlet, and they had a lot white and gold ones. but there was only one black one left and i grabbed it! i'm so happy that i did, and i haven't seen any of these at the outlets since then. :sad:

    i've never had a canvas tote before, so my opinion will be biased. but i absolutely love my tote. it's really pretty and looks very different from most other bags because of the material its made out of. even my dad and boyfriend likes it, and they usually never like any of the purses i have.

    i carried it all summer since i bought it and the material has held up quite nicely. it's still very clean and looks like brand new. but i do keep it in the dustbag in my closet when i am not using it. when i first bought it, i was afraid the straw material would catch onto my clothing and make a run or something in the fabric. but nope, so far so good! :tup: i'm not using it right now since it's winter and it rains like crazy here in the SF area. i can't wait for spring to arrive so that i can carry it on my arm again!

    also, the tote came with a care card that explains that over time, the straw WILL fall apart. also, do not get the straw material wet or else it will help the material to wither and fall apart. but i've had mine since may and haven't had any problems at all!

    one thing though: a friend of mine was trying it on and said that it was heavy to her. now keep in mind, i don't carry a lot of stuff in it. i just have my small planner, wallet, cell, keys, and occasionally some gum or something tiny and insignificant in terms of weight. in fact my tote is usually very empty and my boyfriend makes fun of it because he can actually see the bottom of my bag even when it's filled. (so then he makes me carry his cell and wallet in my bag. :p he's such a goofball.) i usually carry this bag on my arm. but the hardware on this bag makes it really heavy. after a good hour or two of carrying it, my arm gets a little tired and i have a slight red mark/imprint on my arm from where the bag's strap was. but i'm not picky or anal about those things. my solution is to just switch the bag to the other arm. i know a lot of ladies can't carry heavy bags, but i don't have any problem doing so. and to me, in all honesty, i don't think it's that heavy at all.

    i would definitely recommend this bag as a summer tote. it's very "summery" and is so pretty and different. i've never had a canvas tote before, but i would assume that it's very difficult to keep clean. i saw a couple of canvas satchels at the coach outlet, and the material seemed that it would get dirty quickly. i saw that one of the outlet bags already had a teeny tiny gray scuff mark on the bottom of the white canvas.

    also fyi, this tote does not have the legacy lining. its just a regular tan signature lining. and there are no turnlocks on this tote, just a magnetic snap closure. 2006 legacy didn't have those features.

    wow, that was a long ramble. was just trying to be thorough, hope this was helpful!

    here's a pic of my tote, and another to enable you. hee hee :tup: i have the same bag as jessica alba, except that mine is the smaller version. i definitely like the smaller one because i don't carry a lot, plus i'm short and petite at 5'2''.


  13. lunatwinkle: That is the exact same purse that I have. I bought it off Ebay at the end of the summer so I was only able to use it once but I have big plans for it this coming summer. I agree with you about not using it if it is going to be rainy or wet. I live about 1/2 hour north of Seattle, so you can imagine how rainy it is around here about 10 months out of the year!
  14. Wow, What a gorgeous bag ! You are so nice to write back and give me all that information which defintitely will help me decide. I saw these types of bags but i think in metallic trim last summer in the outlets and didn't get them because i was focused on getting something else at the time but since fell in love with this style. I had no idea that the straw falls apart over time and some of those big picnic basket ones with the hang tags all around weren't they like $800 bucks ! Wow but this bag is beautiful, thanks so much !