Canvas Mono does it look luxurious????

  1. Does the mono canvas look luxurious ?I just got the mono speedy 30 and pouchette. For the price of both I am usually able to get a nice leather handbag and usually only carry leather so the canvas is an adjustment for me. I love the bag but, a little part of me thinks the canvas is expensive. my pouchette was 300 canadian and just in July at a Holt's end of season I got a red leather Gucci with the gold chain for 399.00 mind you I lucked out because it was 40% off and the bag is stunning. It is on the collection thread on the general page. Also me large guccissima leather tote in chocolate brown(again 40%off) and my large leather bouvier'JKO' (on sale)cost less than me Speedy canvas. I only own 4 leather Gucci's and 3 of the 4 cost less than a canvas speedy!!!! My boston was my expensive bag!!!The canvas is a tad expensive and just wonder does it look just as luxurious has leather heck it costs more.
  2. I think it is it's own thing (not sure if that makes sense).....I think the fact that it is canvas and so durable makes it worth the the fact that it never goes on sale (so you're not kicking yourself because you bought it before the 40% discount).
    I also think the vachetta leather adds a nice luxury touch and makes each and every bag look unique (as they go through their various stages of patina).
    If you're a leather girl...have you thought about checking out the Epi line? It's not THAT much more expensive than the canvas line and is gorgeous (so many colors to choose from). I never liked it...but after seeing everyone's pics here, it is growing on me!
  3. in my humble opinion, NO, the mono canvas does NOT look uber-luxurious to me, but still quite charming.... All my mono canvas bags are the ones that i don't baby all that much, like, I put them on the floor all the time (except for washrooms! YUCK!). It's a very casual look with most of the mono bags, especially the speedies. However, even if I don't think it's all that striking to look at, I prefer and value it more than any other leather piece from other brands. Why? Well it's durable, easy to take care of, and most of all, doesn't go on sale. I practically never buy any other luxury brands simply because most of the pieces go on sale. Like how you compared the mono speedy to your leather guccis....well to me, it doesn't sound like your guccis are very appealing. No matter how beautiful the bag is, if it goes on sale, the value goes down. So to sum up, although you bought a whole bunch of gucci's for great deals, I prefer the speedy more.
  4. No, I don't think LV canvas looks luxurious - for me, I use LV canvas when the weather is crappy, when I'm out at a ball game/doing errands, etc... I see the canvas as an "everyday" material.

    You do get good value in that it lasts and never goes on sale. But that being said, as I'm coming up to my 30's, I'm moving up the brand hierarchy and want more leather goods so I've shifted more into Chanel and am starting into Hermes b/c I would rather pay more now and not carry a canvas bag.

    But that being said, I don't particularly like Guccis that much, and the fact that they always go on sale depreciates the brand power to me.

    I agree - look into Epi if you want to stay with LV leather... it's my favorite LV line.
  5. Thanks guys...I bought the canvas because I love LV and wanted a couple of pieces but, more importantly I was worried about my large guccissima leather boston getting wrecked in the rain etc.. Also my large leather tote is open and does not zip close so, it is not a practical everyday bag. Super glad I got the Speedy 30 and the pouchette. It is an adjustment going from leather to canvas but, I think it looks great and will be great for fall/winter. Now I want more stuff and I am on a shopping break. Maybe a wallet and/or cles but, not sure if I should mix it up with different LV styles instead of mono. SOOOO many choices!!!!!
  6. ^^ Don't worry. I was skeptical about the mono canvas too. I only owned leather bags and accessories. I got a mono wallet, and I was instantly hooked. I think when you get your new stuff, you'll be pleasantly surprised. ;)
  7. I also don't think it looks luxurious. For me, it's all about durablily, it's not chic or luxurious appearing IMO.
  8. For fall winter I need durable and want to put my leather bags away till spring..I am really happy with is expensive for canvas but, it is hand craft and top quality and that is what I wanted. When I pay a lot I expect leather for some crazy reason...not use to forking out that much dough for canvas. My coach canvas was cheap in comparison but, the two companies are night and day and could not even be remotely compared. Having something made in France and Spain is so cool as well. Coach makes everything in China so the material and labour is way cheaper plus the bags are machine made. I have to remind myself that it was so worth it because now I own authentic LV handcrafted from France:yahoo: .
  9. I love mono canvas because depending on what you are wearing it can look very casual or lux/dressy. (also depends on which bag) I like to wear my Speedy with shorts/Tshirt/tennis shoes or I can wear it with Khakis/blouse/heels/pearls. I like that it is very chameleon-like. :lol:

    Besides, most leather bags are just cow. It's not like they are rare or anything. ;) I think of canvas or leather as just being two types of material to make bags out of. :shrugs: One's not necessarily better than the other. :flowers:
  10. To me, it looks classic and clean but not luxurious. Durable, yes.
  11. I agree and disagree with this, I like mono canvas because it is durable but at the same time classic and chic. If all you're gettin out of this is durability why not just buy a jansport back pack or something:confused1: :upsidedown: . Come on, there has to be some more appeal to it than durability, lets be real here...... It's certainly not as luxurious as other materials but it's def. a hardy investment, you get your money's worth and it really is timeless. IMO something doesn't have to be overly flashy or ornate to be chic. How can you say looking at a picture of Audrey Hepburn carrying a speedy back in the day is not a little bit chic.....
  12. The only monogram pieces that I think look really "luxurious" would be a gigantic trunk or something. The bags are definitely more casual . . . I personally am not a monogram fan. For some reason even the Damier to me seems more classy or "luxurious" than the monogram, I suppose because a) I like the style more, b) it's more discrete (which I think is the true sign of luxury) and c) to those in the know, there shouldn't be any doubt of authenticity. (It actually has seemed to me like Damier is harder to fake . . . often the checkerboard just looks so clearly wrong, like it's just checkered, not a series of dashes like on the real thing, or something)

  13. Well said. :yahoo:

  14. Durable and chic so you can dress up or down. Backpacks are too rauchy bad with heels, skirks and dresses. The canvas is a bag that if you set down you do not have to worry about it unlike the guccissima leather which scuffs with normal usage :hysteric: :crybaby: . Of course I want the the best of both worlds high fashion and durability that is why I went with LV.Great choice I must say. The Daimer would have been even more durable for fall/winter no vachette issues. I would not be able to handle a bag with tonnes of vachette.

    Did Audrey Hepburn carry a speedy back in the day for real??? Would love to see a pic of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your 2cents and yes LV is tres chic indeed!!!!!!!
  15. so canvas is not leather? ha ha i always thought it was.. so what is canvas exactly? and which part is actual leather?