Canvas Logo Tote fans???

  1. A little over a year ago I saw a canvas tote bag in Vegas...It's the one with the YSL logo in the front...It was black and it had the outline of the logo done in swarovski was like $800 and I thought it was a little much...although I loved it, i just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on it...Now, a year later and an addicted member of this forum...I think that the price wasn't that bad. Of course though, in doing my research I find out that it's no longer available and they do these "special" totes every year, sell out and their gone for good....that sucks!!! Is anyone else a fan or collector of these totes??? I'd love to see some pics...
  2. I am one of the biggest fans. And like you, I passed up a beauty(it was black with the YSL in rhinestones:crybaby:). I, too, have been on a hunt for the tote. I found some at Overstock and Bluefly but way too small. And they go awfully fast when they have any in stock. I say keep hope alive. Also try calling some YSL boutiques.
  3. i have 3 canvas logo totes from YSL but mine aren't those "special totes" you guys are talking about :shame: all three were bought on sale :p
    ysl mauve kahala.JPG ysl polka dot kahala.JPG ysl red kahala.JPG
  4. :love: oh my nerd!!! I love em all
  5. Lovely! I have a leather tote - it's the softest, creamiest leather with gold stud - always get the best compliment whenever I used it. Bought it in Taiwan last year. Sadly, I have ruined this bag - I don't know how or when on earth I got those horrid stains on its back! Don't even know what caused it! :crybaby: :crybaby:
    I just noticed it just now when I took it out from the dustbag. Have been trying to clean it with a leather care cleaner but it didn't seem to work. That's the problem with white bag...that's why I will never buy another white bag:sad:
    ysl tote front.JPG ysl tote back.JPG
  6. ^^ it's too bad it got dirty, cos it's gorgeous! I like the leather one more..but of course it's gonna be more expensive.
  7. maybe you can find your bag listed on eBay sometime :smile:
  8. There is a canvas tote on eBay, right now. Actually a couple. Are those it?
  9. are there many fakes of these on eBay?

    been looking to buy one but i noticed some of the totes have larger YSL logos than others...

    Did they make some canvas totes with larger logos and some with more regular sized logos? much did they retail for and/or go on sale for (do they even go on sale?)
  10. You should PM TPFers that have this bag. I'm sure they won't mind. :smile:
  11. do you have some comparisons you can show?:smile: