Canvas Lining

  1. Does anyone have experience with canvas lining in their HAC or Birkin?

    I realize is will detract from the weight and I have to assume it will contribute to the slouchiness of any leather but how does it wear?

    Do you need to take special precautions with the canvas interior?
  2. The only canvas-lined Birkins and HACs I've seen are the travel sizes- I don't own own one so I can't give any first-hand experience, but I'd assume they hold up pretty well unless you spill something on it.
  3. older matte crocs also had them (and now you have the option) they do make the bags softer and yes the lining holds up very well but i would still not do it on a bag i use regularly. the travel bags are often (not always) lined in fabric to reduce their weight and of yourse with a travel bag stains from daily use are nothing you really have to think about
  4. Thanks VO I have seen it on the travel Birkins. :tup:

    Lilach - you read my mind and matte croc is on it! I want the croc to be suple but I can't be baby-ing the interior. So I might have to re-think the option. Thank you :flowers: