canvas fendi b bag?

  1. i am looking to buy a canvas fendi b bag, however i am worried about how to keep it. Canvas is easy to dirty and i'm afraid it wont stand the test of time. any of you girls have a canvas bag?? any tips or input to share? TIA! :heart:
  2. I had bought a gold and canvas last summer but ended up returning it just because thr same reason you have doubt about canvas material. Its very summer looking, but it would get stained and age quickly but if its for just the summer and summer only I would totally go for it!!!
  3. i was looking for an overall bag, since the country where i live in, is one season- summer all year round.
  4. Some speciallty cleaners (like dry cleaners) can clean the canvas bags. Sometimes a few drops of canvas cleaner (its made for handbags and shoes - it is a foam cleaner) will clean canvas up pretty good. If its just surface dirt, it should come clean. Permanent type stains would be a different story.
  5. yeah that's what i'm worried about. i'm not exactly the most careful person with my bags. is there any protector to protect it?
  6. The canvas is very sturdy and thick and it already has protector on it, but I suspect you could refresh with scotchgard if you did not get it on the leather pieces. By permanent, I meant like ink. I suspect even a wine spot could be removed....just my 2 cents. I am assuming you are looking at the off white canvas of course (it comes in black too). If you have problems with light colors/ white bags in general, then I wud not get it....same story...:sweatdrop:
  7. hahaha yeah i am going to be super careful with it, but i just want someone's opinon on it. this is my first time in the fendi forum. thanks badlady.1! :smile: i have a white muse now but it's in croc emboss patent,so anything i drop, pretty much slides off. gosh, i'm still abit worried. :S
  8. I just bought the off white gold canvas B bag from Nieman marcus on sale. I'm worrying about the same thing, and I have thought about returning it, but it was such a good deal
  9. how much did u get it for?? i think it such a pretty bag. :smile: