canvas chocolate or denim carly?

  1. IM really loving my black signature carly and my chocolate on chocolate is on the way thanks to everyones help here... Im kinda itching for a summer type bag :nuts:soooo
    should I get the canvas with the chocolate C's or the denim:wlae:
    I'll have to go with eBay since there is no outlets near me..and my outlet shopping buddy is the one who wouldn't let me use her PCE card sooo we are done talking :tdown:the odds of my hubby driving out to an outlet with me
    hummmmmm O LOL
    so which bag would you choose denim or ivory and chocolate C's:tup::confused1::rolleyes:
  2. I think their both so cute. I got the chocolate slim flap at my outlet, but I really liked the denim carly. Are you worried about it getting dirty? If so, maybe denim. If not, I think the chocolate really stands out in a crowd :smile:
  3. The Chocolate on the Ivory really stands out and is pretty, but for a fun & classy bag I'd go with the Denim - it is super cute, and you can carry it longer into fall. Plus, it won't show dirt as easily! :tup:
    Also, like another tPFer said before, it seems there are LOTS of the Chocolate Carlys and not so many Denim ones out there.
  4. My vote is for the chocolate on ivory!
  5. ya kinda worried about the ivory getting dirty. My daughter has the demi in the ivory and chocolate. And her's is clean... Now if I go by her opinion she said. Don't get the ivory and Chocolate one becaues im carrying mine and its weird for mom to have the same color as me LOL. She thinks I should stick with the chocolate on chocolate thats on the way. and the denim she said its not cool... But I carry a denim dooney and I love it soo I was thinking I'd love the coach in denim evern more..also there is the fact that the ivory one seems easier to get on eBay at a cheaper price. For me money is also an issue. Im at stay at home mom so I just can't buy everything I want LOL :O)
  6. You have a chocolate on chocolate Carly demi on the way? :nuts:
  7. I'm a mom of a teen & I just got the denim Carly! I think it's cool, & if you do too then GO FOR IT! Cool is a matter of opinion & you're the one who is going to carry it! Also, since your daughter already has the ivory with the chocolate C's, maybe she'll let you borrow it of both worlds! :yahoo:
  8. Also, I think the denim can work in at least 3 seasons...maybe not in the snow, but why not?
  9. Also, I think the denim can work in at least 3 seasons...maybe not in the snow, but why not? :tup:
  10. How about ivory/ jade? That would be a pretty color for summer and it would stick out!
  11. I would go for the denim to add a little bit of different color to your collection ;)

    I also like the idea of a jade/cotton carly

    Good luck deciding, and please post pics! :smile:
  12. I think the denim Carly can be used all year. I just got mine at the outlet last Friday.
    CarlyFlowerPic.jpg MeAndCarly.jpg
  13. I was totally in your predicament last week prior to visiting the outlet. Denim, or the chocolate/ivory? I ended up seeing both prints in person and settled on the denim. It's summery, but good to carry in fall and spring. Also, there isn't any white on it so it won't show dirt as much. When I handled the chocolate/ivory in person and REALLy examined the fabric I knew right away that I would stress too much about keeping it clean. And where's the fun in that?!? The denim looks great and i'm so glad I chose it! I got it in the large carly and I love it. LOL > to ME, it is cool. :heart:
  14. Oh wow, looks great! I vote for the denim :tup:
  15. awesome opinions thanks.... I chose the denim :O)