Canvas Carly?

  1. I bought one on eBay, that was supposed to be new with tags any way when I rec'd it was very dirty you could see that dye maybe from blue jeans had rub off on the white canvas both sides of the bag . I know you can spot clean but this was more then just a spot. You would have to be very careful with it.The only way that bag would come clean is to hand wash it.Which I wouldn't do the lining would get all wrinkled. got my money back minus the shipping & went to the boutique & bought the signature large carly . I just love it
  2. I have a canvas w/chocolate carly and it can get dirty. I try to use shout wipes on larger areas to get the dirt off when it appears. I'd be careful around dark denim, other clothing that can transfer. As well, be careful where you leave it sitting.

    Oh, and stay clear of pretzels with mustard....yeah, learned my lesson - no food near the Carly! Luckily, tide stick came to the rescue!
  3. it would seem that it would be just like any khaki sig, in terms of getting dirty and/or color transfer. so, yeah, it can get dirty...but probably not anything that a few baby wipes can't get out, kwim?
  4. One of my friends has it & said that the bottom of her bag is quite dirty.
  5. I've had mine for...two months, I think? Haven't had any problems keeping it clean and there's not a spot on it. I haven't babied the bag except for keeping it away from dark denim. It's been much easier to keep looking nice than I expected.
  6. I have one and it looks Brand New still- I am careful with it and don't sit it anywhere I think it could get dirty. I love the Canvas and Pear one
  7. A woman in my pilates class had one this weekend. Hers looked spotless, but it seemed like she was extremely careful where she put it.
  8. Thanks for all the respnses. I really would rather have leather, so I think I'm going to splurge on a leather bag. The baby wipe idea is not one I had thought of, though-thanks!