Canvas BV half-price!!

  1. Just a FYI, Corsa Collections in Las Vegas just put quarzo (pink) and limo (light beige/gray) Sardegna canvas butterfly bags and cosmetic cases 50% off. They also have two knot clutch BV's on sale for 1/2 price in Noche & Pomegranate. They are from the Resort 06 collection. They also have wave cosmetic bags on sale too. I placed and out-of-state order & only paid a small shipping fee and no tax! Any questions or for pics call Jenn or Natalie at 702-733-9442. They are open til 11pm PST for all you late night shoppers.
  2. ^^So how much were (or are) the knot clutches???!?!
  3. They were 1780 and now they are 890!!!! I just called!!!!
  4. tnx bella23 for the info:yes:

    i just got the pink sardegna:yahoo: im only aiming for the plain one....butterflies womt hurt:p
  5. oh the butterflies are so gorgeous! you will enjoy getting the compliments. i love BV
  6. How AWESOME!!!

    Who else scored?! :yahoo:
  7. bella - how did you find out about it? oh the temptation.
  8. I have a friend that doesn't work too far from it's easy for her to pop in from time to time. They tend to always have something on sale...and we all know how hard it is to resist a good sale! They are good about sending pictures and dimensions.