CANVAS BROWN HAMPTONS SATCHEL...Anyone but my SA love it in Brown and Satin?

  1. Well, I finally found a Whiskey Shoulder bag from the distribution center and is it new and in great condition, so I brought back my whiskey hippie. Although it is bit heavier on the shoulder, and my neck and back hurts a bit, there is no way I am bringing it back. Also I saw the new line at the stores yesterday and My SA talked me into a 500 something Hamptons canvas and leather satchel...I think it is like the Andrea in person and comes in Brwon, green, red and white. it is a beautiful bag but it is heavy too. I think this sounds really silly but I weighed the whiskey and it is not that much different than the canvas satchels or the signature satchel. Only by a few ounces. Anyone like the new canvas satchel from the catolog? not the tote, the brown that is pictured in green and white? Beautiful bag in person but did i just spend 500.00 and change on a canvas bag?
  2. I thought they were adorable, especially with the patent coin purses! Much nicer than the tote style. If I had the money I would totally order one too.
    Congrats on your bag and make sure you post tons of pictures when you get it!
  3. Rainbow I saw them when I was in the store but I also had the Andrea satchel in cognac and took it back because I have the whiskey satchel although I would prefer the Andrea in cognac. I prefer the leather bags and I just look at those new neutral canvas bags and the price, I would get them dirty fast and I cannot reason the price for canvas but the leather I can. If you like it then keep it but for me I know I would be over paranoid trying to keep it clean.
  4. Well, I do have the brown and the only reason I am thinking of keeping it is because the leather is so very heavy for me. Even this feels a bit heavy. Yes a big price for canvas, but I had a huge credit. now I am rethinking exactly what I would prefer now that I do have the whiskey and the gold and straw legacy from last summer. I REALLY do not need it and am aching for a signature Mandy..but those Girls at the store said. Lynn , you have ennough legacy, Resort, zip, etc..come back to the new stuff, all of you SA's forgive what to do??????
  5. Personally, I like the legacy stuff way more than the canvas, but I'm one of those people who probably would never pay the prices they're asking for the non-leather bags.
  6. Don't let them talk you into something you are not loving.....The SA's are not carrying the bag...It sounds like you wish you didn't get it...I would return it for something you love.
  7. Agreed. :yes:
  8. I loveee it!! I really want one and love that there is a whistle on it
  9. i happen to really like it, but don't let anyone talk you into a bag you don't aboslutely love! it's not worth it when you start doubting your purchases.

  10. Neither would I. I was somewhat shocked to see that the new canvas legacy shoulder bag was the same as the legacy signature shoulder. I know that both are mostly fabric, and that the canvas is probably a good, heavy material, but for some reason the signature fabric just seems better to me (if that makes any sense).
  11. Oh, and as much as we love our SAs and value their opinions and input, it's not their money that you're spending. It's a bag that you have to carry, so get what you love.
  12. Thanks so much guys. I think you are right. We do love our SA's with the great taste..and one of mine really does have excellent taste and look..but she carries the heaviest of bags like a 50 lb baby with more stuff in in then I have ever seen. But to me, canvas that expensive drives me nuts. I could go to JCrew and get a I may just rethink this purchase..and the whistle does work. I think that the striped carryall and the optic carryall are pretty darn nice too. I just think if you do spend that much for a bag and it is a huge amount, you really have to love it. That is why I loved the Mandy Signature.but 700 something is definitely out of my league. Anyway, my closet is full. Seems to me I better start taking some pictures ..and then there is of course the thrill of the outlet buy..for so much less, as you girls know. lol..Thanks..Lynn:love:
  13. I love the legacy things so much too, and agree that if is leather it seems to make the price more acceptable in my mind somehow, But then that is why we all have such diversified tastes. I like something I can wear with everything and that is why I tried to stay away from the C's for a bit. The feedback helps so much. :love: Lynn
  14. Yes, Jennn, it is that doubting my purchase creeping into my mind to hit the store in the morning got it. :love:
  15. I do like it a lot , I just do not love it..and that makes a huge difference. Thanks!!!! :love: Lynn