canvas bags?

  1. do you have a bag made of canvas? how durable is it? does it get dirty quickly? i have my eye on a new summer bag but i dont know if i am the canvas kind of girl (if it requires being gentle), lol! thanks!
  2. yes, and two of them are Hermes. And yes, they get dirty quickly but such a great look for spring/summer. I would get a cheapy canvas bag if you just want the look.
  3. i have one in hermes...
    i love it! it's very durable. and it's black so no worries on getting dirty :p
  4. just plain canvas? go to an outdoor store! they look really cool. great knapsacks and little bags.
    that might be a little too low brow for most of this crowd, but hey.

    unless we are talking about a diff kind of canvas?
  5. yeah I have them.. I love it.. one is a dior messenger bag.. i use it on a regular basis.. i do touch-ups on it on a regular basis...
  6. touch-ups? what do you use to clean it? i really dont want to spend a lot of money (to me anyway) on a bag that will only last one season. i am really liking this Details | Product Finder | Products | In Style
    botkier bag. i also like this Details | Product Finder | Products | In Style coach bag. i also like this Details | Product Finder | Products | In Style foley & corinna bag but i am not sure i like the black for summer. what do you ladies think?
  7. I have my expensive bags...and then I have my canvas tote...from Target! It's very roomy,with four pockets on the outside and is very durable. It's made of an oatmeal colored canvas with a tan trim. I use it mostly on the days that I work a long shift and have to carry alot of things and also when it rains. This is definitely one that you can toss around and I have even tossed it in the washing machine and it came out fine. It's certainly no thing of beauty but is extremely functional...and cheap!
  8. There is coated canvas which is quite durable and cleans very easy.

    Uncoated canvas can get dirty...but you can treat it with fabric protectant and that helps a lot!
  9. I like the whimsy of superplanning tote bags and I have many canvas tote bags from vacation trips (museum exhibit bags, indie book store bags, etc.) so they have sentimental value and are great for the beach, the gym, and to carry books to the cafes or whatever.