Canvas bags - what do you think?

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  1. I love the look of canvas/leather for spring but I am afraid of its durability. Has anyone out there had a good experience with it? What about cleaning it?

    I saw this Jimmy Choo bag and am dying for it!!!

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  2. I've owned some canvas bags in the past (nothing expensive), and I think they wear well. I spot cleaned and dirt and/or grim. Maybe Scotchguarding might help.
  3. Mine are fine-I love the look of them too...and I have kids...they have survived(The bags..I mean!!)
  4. I'd like to know as well, as I'm considering either an off-white or reddish orange canvas bag. I'm leaning toward the colored bag because of the dingy white that might result after using the off-white for a while.
  5. I am not a big canvas fan because of their inability to fend off stains. I would definitely scotchguard. I would also wrap the metal wear so that the scotchguard doesn't leave marks on the metal-wear. Going for a darker color always helps too, but even that could potentially look dingy depending on how badly you abuse your bags. I say this because I am absolutely horrible on canvas bags. I had a turquoise canvas bag that I abused (dragged on floor, etc...) It held up for quite a while, but scotchguarding woud have definitely helped! :biggrin:
  6. I'm not a big fan of canvas either because it is easily stained.
  7. Baby wipe will do....but you have to clean right away....stain over stain will never can get rid off.
  8. I love canvas bags for the summer. I treat mine well and they held up beautifully, except on in turquoise (which was an exclusive, only 1 made) which I had to return for repais with the week because the rain ruined it :'(

    The maker found out that the whole canvas batch was bad and didn't want to make anymore in that colour. I should have never given it back, as I loved it so bad and they wouldn't give it back to me.
  9. Seems like everyone here has had mixed experiences. I love that Jimmy Choo bag but not sure if i want to spend over $1000 on a bag that could get destroyed in a week.... will just have to see if I can fall in love with somehting else....
  10. I just got this B-Bag.


    It is also in Canvas and you are right: I'll be occupied all the time with taking care avoiding stains.
    I scotchguard these kinds of bags. But not only once but twice (that was a tip of a SA).
    And if there is really a stain I try to remove it with some mild soap and a toothbrush. That mostly works out.