Canvas Bag Cleaning


In a bliss
Nov 10, 2005
As somebody just posted how to clean the LV bags, that thread started to make me think about my canvas bags in the closet. I have a lot of canvas and denim bags (mostly prada and dior) that I bought a few years ago, but still in love with them to be selling them. The canvas has gotten dirty... I was wondering how do I clean them. Anybody got any tips?

To other Atlantans out there, is there a particular cleaning place in which expensive bags can be cleaned? :lol:


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Sep 13, 2005
Don't know Atlanta at all but a good dry cleaner should be able to help. I'd call an upscale boutique -- not even necessarily a handbag place -- and ask which dry cleaner they recommend. Plenty of stuff gets dry cleaned BEFORE its sold (dirty store rooms, make-up from people trying stuff on, etc).