Canvas and Leather Roxanne

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  1. Hello - posting my first thread so hope it goes ok:confused1: Can I ask a question on the canvas and leather roxannes? I have seen a few on ebay going fairly cheap.. does anyone remember them when they came out how much they were retailing for? Anyone actually got one? Are they nice etc.. Looking at the pics they look really summery!! :smile:

    Thanks in advance :rolleyes:
  2. Hi there and welcome ,

    I think that you can still get hold of these bags at the outlets.. shepton mallet , bicester or york , oh forgot one .... Can`t remember the name !

    I think also that somebody said that they where retailing at the outlets at around the £200 price mark.

    Good luck !!
  3. oo fab! Thanks taraholmes :yahoo: Will phone them and ask. ta for the welcome too!!!
  4. Good luck on your search and welcome!!!
  5. *waving* hello kroquet.. :smile: Thanks! Will see what they say. Have bought 2 mulberrys recently so will see how things go...
  6. oooh What have you bought??? Please tell!!
  7. It was the aqua mabel (put piccies on another thread the other day) from mulberry glasgow and a black patent smithfield (phoned up factory shop)! :yes: love them both!!

    Off to bed! So not ignoring anyone lol if replies are given to this !!
  8. OMG the mabel in aqua :love:, you jammy sausage! I love that bag, think it's next on my list
  9. It is amazing.. would recommend.. gorgeous gorgeous colour!! :tup:
  10. They must have gone down in price recently as I've seen them in the outlets for £135 ... I've seen loads recently. I quite like them, I was considering one to take my trainers to the gym (is that the most extravagant thing ever!)
  11. Yep, definately worth calling round the outlets - I'm also sure they were lower than the £200 mark.

    Whippet that's a fab price if they are as low as £135 - great bargain. You'll be the most stylish chick in the gym!! Buy, buy, buy.......
  12. Yes, I was suprised how cheap they were ... definitely £135 in both Bicester and Cheshire Oaks. Oddly though, the canvas blenheims were more expensive!

    I haven't bought one .... yet ... was wondering if I would dare wash it in the machine .... yes wash a Mulberry! I also thought that buying one might be a cheapish way of working out if Roxanne is too big for me as an everyday bag ...
  13. That's a really good plan to use one to test out for size. It's a cute looking bag. Don't forget though, that the all leather versions will be much heavier!!

    Hmm, very nervous about machine washing a Mulb :sweatdrop: I think the leather bits would get wrecked. I'd be tempted maybe just to dab/sponge (I'm sure there's a technical term) any marks on the canvas bits though. The potential grubby factor is a bit scary, but it sure is a good price :tup:
  14. Just spray the canvas with a protector before using it & it would probably hold up quite well.
    Welcome RascalCat - now, tell me all about that aqua Mabel! I'm interested in this bag - do you love it? Is it a turquoise or more of a green? Any chance you would be able to do some modelling pics for our catwalk thread please?????
  15. Hello all!
    I did phone up the outlets today and they were retailing for about £130 ish... so think I may take the plunge!! Just need to figure out which colour lol.. quite fancy dark brown/mustard!

    LOL - love it re trainers!!!:roflmfao:

    Ooo, hiya sarajane! thanks for the welcome. I will have a nosey at modelling thread and defo post some piccies !!