Canterbury Cathedral gets first woman archdeacon in 1,400 year-history (Yay!)

  1. Canterbury Cathedral gets first woman archdeacon in 1,400 year-history

    AFP - 1 hour 50 minutes ago
    LONDON (AFP) - Canterbury Cathedral, the seat of the Church of England, installed its first woman archdeacon in its 1,400-year history on Saturday.

    Before a congregation of 500, the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, led the service of installation for the Venerable Sheila Watson, 53, the first woman to join Williams's senior staff.
    The former archdeacon of Buckingham in the Diocese of Oxford, who succeeds the retired Patrick Evans, will now be able to enthrone new diocesan bishops in 27 of England's 43 dioceses under Williams's guidance.
    The move comes as the Church of England takes the first steps towards the creation of women bishops. The Church of England ordained its first women priests in 1994.
    Before the service, Watson said: "I feel enormously privileged to be invited to join the team at Canterbury in both diocese and cathedral.
    "I have always loved the cathedral with all its historic associations and I am greatly looking forward to getting to know the people and churches of Kent," she said.
    A graduate in classics at St Andrews University in Scotland, she undertook a preparatory year of theology at Oxford. After 27 years of ministry she comes to Canterbury from northeast England, London, Salisbury and Buckinghamshire.
    "Being a priest is one of the most fascinating but sometimes one of the most demanding jobs in today's society," Watson said.
    "Being a Christian can be pretty tough too but it is really exciting," she added.
    The cathedral's history dates back to 597 AD when pope Gregory I, or Gregory the Great, sent Augustine as a missionary to establish his seat in Canterbury.
    It famously saw archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket murdered by loyalists to king Henry II and was the destination for 14th century author Geoffrey Chaucer's pilgrims in his famous "Canterbury Tales".
    The worldwide Anglican communion numbers 77 million believers
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    My Mum was going to be ordained but faced so much resistance from our village she let it go :crybaby: She'd be overjoyed to hear about this!
  5. Congratulations to her. :yahoo:
  6. I may not understand what this actually means but yeay!! Especially since Canterbury Cathedral was practically 5 mins away from where I used to live with the cathedral bells bring me to realise how beautiful the town and the people are! :roflmfao:
  7. Lalique, it means that there's now going to be a woman archdeacon (part of the senior staff of Canterbury Cathedral) and they've never had that before.
  8. That's really cool.