Can't wear orange -- what about a rouille bag?

  1. I love the rouille bags I have seen and am sorely tempted -- although orange doesn't suit me. I have bought a couple of orange pieces of clothing and ended up not wearing them because the colour doesn't work on me. Yet I love the brightness of the current rouille/paprika. Since I mostly wear neutrals, often dark colours, I figure perhaps I can pull this off.

    What do you think? Would you consider an orange/red handbag when you know that colour clothing does nothing for you? I feel much more attracted to rouille than to the other reds, which I think look great on everybody else but just don't seem to be me.
  2. Forgot to add, how about tabac as an alternative? And how is the 08 vermillion different from rouille?
  3. Are you referring to the '06 Rouille or '07 Paprika? The '06 is more ornagey vs. '07 Paprika which is more of a darker orange/rust color. I was lusting ater an '07 Paprika for the longest time and decided to pass on it because like you, I wear a lot of neutral colored clothing and only own a few pieces of paprika-colored tops but not enough to justify getting the bag. I've never seen it IRL so I couldn't tell you how it really looks. I don't own a Tabac because I'm not really a brown person but it's a lovely alternative to the Rouille and the Vermillion is a little too bright for my tastes. I'm more of a Fall/Winter colored girl (Black, Grey, Ivory, deep Blues, Brick Red, etc.) KWIM? Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  4. I too have been considering a rouille '07 but also not sure about the color because I haven't seen it irl. I like both the rouille and the tabac/sienna because they are both rich browns but with a touch of reddish orange. I think the sienna may be too dull, but rouille may be too bright/orange. I wish I could see them in person, I think I would know right away if I like them. I would love it if someone could post pics wearing either with cool-tone colors like black or grey because that is what I wear the most to work and I want it in a work size.

    Sorry OP I was not much help!
  5. i think rouille '07 could be better cause is darker, but i'd choose sienna for sure, love the colour!
  6. Yes the sienna!!! It would be perfect!:yes:
  7. i have hated orange my entire life. but when i saw the paprika day at Barneys, i loved it. i couldn't get it that time i saw it and later went back but it was gone. i regret that so much. :push:
  8. Sigh, how to decide between paprika and sienna? I'm not a brown person and don't wear much brown at all. I would use the bag more as a point of contrast to dark grey or black, say. So which one would work better? How brown and dark is sienna, or should I ask how orange is paprika? Does anybody have some side by side shots?
  9. Orange is my least favorite color, and I never wear it in clothing. But for some reason, I love it in bags! You wouldn't be wearing orange next to your face, which is the worst way to wear a color that you don't like or doesn't suit you. Why not go for it in a bag and give a pop of color to your wardrobe!
  10. Good point about it not being close to my face. I have a friend with an orange bag and always thought it looked great. It's more me than a red bag, for sure, although I adore seeing red bags on other people.

    Probably what I would really like is a colour somewhat between sienna and rouille.
  11. Hi...06 Rouille was more orangey than the 07...What about 07 Tomato?
  12. I have a 06 rouille City and wear mostly black, charcoal grey, denim, chocolate brown. It's the perfect accent to my darker wardrobe and is a great pop of color. And I normally HATE orange. I think it's a great color and always get tons of compliments.
  13. Hm, not sure. I love bright red handbags on other people but am not sure about carrying one myself. I'd have to see one in the flesh before knowing and that's difficult where I live. I am attracted to rouille because it has elements of tan in it and is more orange than straight red.
  14. Thanks, that's really helpful.