cant wait no more

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  1. i was at LV on thurs. i want the azur pochette they didnt have any in stock
    so the SA had me fill out a card and they said they will call me

    she didnt know when they were gettin any and she couldnt tell me if there were other people waiting for this bag

    so how long does this usally take and i am wondering if they will even call me back:sad:
  2. I just walked in to LV in Fashion Island 3 weeks ago and purchased it. You can get it now. Just call 866 vuitton. It's fabulous! Fed Ex will deliver it right to your door!:smile:
  3. call 1-866-vuitton. Surely there is one somewhere in the country!!
  4. My SA said my store won't get them until January.
  5. They have some on right now! Last day for free ship is Dec 14 too!
  6. 1866, I think Rodeo Drive has some..good me you will get one..skip the store call CS
  7. ^^i know how you feel she checked every LV in the area which is about 6 stores none in stock and the LV inside macys in nyc wouldnt sell me the display after they said they will :sad: my wait will continue
  8. Yeah when my mom got mine for my bday, it was only because someone from the waiting list didn't want it. It had a pretty long list..but hope you got the one from elux!
  9. my friend who works at lv said that they were sold out everywhere. so i had my brother get one from a store in hong kong, he's going to mail mine over in time for xmas.
  10. i got mine from eluxury :yahoo: thanks for your help

    they said it may take awhile they are really backed up b/c of free shipping
    but it will be on its way
  11. lol, when I read the first post I was going to post "they have it right now on ELux!"...

    I see now that there is no need:smile:

    i'm so happy that it worked out for the azur
  12. ^^^Me too, I was going to tell you to order it from Elux & there is no sales tax since you are in NY. I ordered mine on Sunday & they haven't shipped it out yet. Hopefully they will tomorrow. Eluxury is an LV girls best friend! Congrats.
  13. Lucky you!!!