Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

  1. Woohooo!!! I can’t wait to get my Suede Doctor Bag tomorrow! It was broken for a few months now and I’m waiting for it to be repaired for almost 2 months already! They told me that the metal parts of the handbag is not available in Hong Kong, so they need to order straight from Paris. Oh well.. I just hope I can get it by tomorrow already!!! BTW, I lost the box of this handbag before, can I get a new one for this?

  2. BTW, anyone knows the name for this handbag? Thanks!
  3. You must be pretty excited too have your baby back after 2 months! As for the box, I think that if you ask the store to give one they won't refuse!
  4. I was soo excited last night that I got my handbag last night after work.. My DH fetch me up from the office and went straight to the store to get my bag. And yeah, you guys are right, they do have boxes for their handbags! Thanks! :biggrin:
  5. WOW what a beautiful bag! I'm glad you finally got it back!!!! :biggrin:

    I think this bag is called the Dior Doctor Suede Frame Bag, just as you said!
  6. :crybaby: uuu this pic aint opening for me into a bigger one :crybaby: ...any chance you could post a bigger pic hun - i`d love to see that bag in a close up have never seen her before ! :yes: thanks !
  7. Oh here's the bigger version of the pic! :biggrin: Sorry! :biggrin:[​IMG]

  8. aaaw thank u so much hun ! this bag is so pretty ! i feel like cuddling her ! :yahoo: :nuts:
  9. what a beautiful bag!
  10. Very pretty bag
  11. :drool:

    the color is SUMPTUOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! And those flowers...they're simply adorable!
  12. Thanks! Hehe! I got that from Yahoo! Auctions, Hong Kong.. Dealed with the seller personally and traded it with my LV Cabas!! I think it's a great deal and I have no doubts about that seller because when I took it to the shop for repair, I got it repaired and did accepted it. The seller bought this handbag from Paris I think but I'm not sure what collection she got it.. Do you guys have any idea when?? Anyway, the bag got broken because of me.. I loaded a lot of sweets inside of it (gummy candies) that's why the metal flower strap got broken.. Oh well, It's good to have my handbag back though!! My very first Dior Handbag!
  13. This bag came out during the Fall/Winter 2005 collection (with the Dior Flight bags). Although the bag design came out the previous season, it wasn't until fall that this suede version came out.

    I am absolutely in love with this bag! I think that the trade was well worth it!!!! :nuts:
  14. [​IMG]
    Here's a picture from that show!
  15. Wow! I have never seen that ad before!! It's soo beautiful there! hehe! I guess I'm so lucky to trade that to my LV! Hehe!