Can't wait for "Running with Scissors" to Open

  1. It was a great book and it has amazing actors in it. Annette Bening, Gyneth Paltrow... So funny and emotional at the same time. I hope it holds up to the book. I saw Annette Bening on Oprah with some clips. Oprah was saying she will probably win an Oscar for it.
  2. I saw the Oprah with Annette on it. I've really come to like her. I think this movie will be really good. I want to see it. Let me know if you see it before I do shushopn :yes:
  3. I will...I'm really looking forward to it.
  4. Oh I loved that book! I picked that book to do my psych paper on it, last semester. I had to psychoanalyze Augusten in that book (I was the only person to get an A). I'm glad you posted this. I'm excited to see it.
  5. How cool that you had to psychoanalyze Augusten! He's had quite a life!
    I love him...I've read all his books and I'm usually too busy reading shopping magazines to read books:rolleyes:

    He has the same sense of humor as I do, so I totally get him.
  6. I can't wait to see this movie! I've read almost all of his books (I think I'm only missing Selevision). I don't know if I entirely believe everything he writes (I think he takes some creative license with his background), but I'm excited for the movie!!
  7. He may take some creative license, but I am a sucker for him. I believe everything he says. I just love the way he looks at things...Possible Side Effects was hysterical when he got a new puppy and was trying to love it and train it. He just cracks me up. I read part of that book to one of my best friends at the beach and we were rolling.
  8. Wow, that was my 1000th post! At least it was about Augusten Burroughs and not that horrible other thread about my kids gym teacher...:wlae:
  9. oh I can hardly wait!! That was one of the saddest but, funniest books! I have never laughed out loud reading and that book did it! I have to read it again before the movie comes out. I think I read it 3 years ago?
  10. i'm reading the book now! so good! it was a PF recommendation. can't wait to see the movie.