Can't wait any longer for my Chanel CABAS!

  1. i'm so sad.:crybaby: i rushed home from work to try to beat UPS guy and missed him by a matter of minutes. now, i have to wait longer for my CABAS. he won't be back at the UPS station until after 7PM. what if he gets a flat tire? or in an accident? :crybaby: i need some consoling before i go insane!:hysteric:
  2. Ah, I hate it when that happens. That happened to me once last week and I had to schlep over to FedEx. I hope you're able to get it tonight.
  3. Esile - how could he do this to "us"...I've been waiting all day for your report on the cabas........
  4. esile, hang in there....I am sure it will arrive anytime.
  5. esile, what color are you getting??
  6. I know the feeling! So annoying!
  7. I wanna see photos!!!
  8. thanks all for the emotional support! you guys are great!

    after pouting, i decided to go on a mission and find my bag. i went to the UPS center and my bag was still out on the truck with the UPS guy. i told them it was a very important package and imperative that i got it today. i was desperate and begged them to help me. they were so sweet. they called the UPS guy on his cell and asked if i could meet him somewhere. i drove like a mad woman, swerving all over the freeway during peak traffic hour. but by the time i got to our meeting spot, he was gone. i almost gave up hope, when my cell rang. it was the UPS guy. he said that he waited a while and decide just to meet me back at my house. i was so happy! i begged him not to leave and sped up even faster! when i turned the corner street, the UPS truck headlight hit my face like a beacon in the night. i couldn't stop thanking him. I GOT MY CABAS!!!:yahoo: it's beautiful and so worth it! THANK YOU SO MUCH UPS! YOU MADE MY DAY!:love:

    hikaru, i got the original black caviar cabas.

    live, this bag is so gorgeous. the original size is absolutely perfect for me, since i love gigantic bags. there's so much leather i just can't stop touching and caressing it. even the smell is unbelievable. you have to get it! i know, you will love it! it's totally rockin'. hip. modern. so beautiful.

    lulilu, i promise to post pics soon.
  9. Congrats! I am glad you finally got it! So glad to hear there are other crazy chanel lovers (sometime I wonder if I am the only one who acts like I am mad when it comes to getting my dream chanel bag in my hands!)
  10. WOW esile, you really went after that bag! I totally understand what you were feeling -- the I got to GET IT NOW frenzy. I only get that feeling for bags ~~
    Congrats on the bag!
  11. congrats.....
    i want to see pic too....
  12. Oooh!! I am so happy for you! Congrats! I can't wait to see the pictures!
  13. Pictures please ;)
  14. i'm working long hours today and tomorrow, but i promise to get pics up soon! cross my heart!;)
  15. Your story is hilarious, but I am glad you finally got your bag! I hate when I miss the UPS guy. :smile: Can't wait to see pictures of your new baby!