Can't wait 9 more days... I ended up buying it today!

  1. Today when I went to LV to see the Black Cabby MM which my SA held for me.... I couldn't resist but to buy the MC Black Cozy which I was SUPPOSEDLY to get it on the day of my bday...:p

    No connection with the Cabby (thanked goodness)... and today my SA wasn't there BUT I met this amazing SA :tup: whom she offered me to see the LOOKBOOK!!! For those who are in Vancouver....Lookbook is here and I put few things on WL...see my signiture... :yahoo:

    I was surprised to hear that she asked me whether I have seen the lookbook yet (as I was all ready to pay for the cozy). Ahh..she made my day........So excited!!!:love:

    Arnott: Hotel doesn't have the pattern that you want for the MC Black cozy....I ended up buying the one i have because it turned out okay even without the pinkz..hehe The SA kindly took out all 3 cozies for me.

    Hope the Le Mignon will be here on my bday or sth..hhehe I really want to get sth....just as a treat for myself and a reward for studying my @$$ off @ school this semester!!!:sweatdrop:

    Thanks for reading and here's the picture!

  2. Congrats!
  3. Congrats..! Though I personally prefer white mc, this color combo is pretty..! :heart:
  4. So pretty. Working hard has its rewards! Enjoy.
  5. I really love the color combo of that mc, The blue's are amazing, congrats !
  6. Congrats!!!!!!
  7. oh congrats .. i've been seriously LUSTING after one of these ... I think I NEED one.
    Happy early birthday!!
  8. Congratz!!!!
  9. Congrats! What were the colour combos of the other Cozys?

    Which SA was this? Did she know what you were talking about when you first asked for the Cozy? Cuz most SAs don't and give you a clueless look! :p
  10. Congrats!
  11. Oh, I love's adorable. Congrats!!
  12. Congrats! So cute!
  13. Congratulations, Did you get it from Hotel Vancouver or Holt Renfrew.
  14. congrats =]
  15. Congrats!!!