Can't take it anymore!! Have to ask this question:

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  1. Hi ladies and gents!

    I have been a member of tpf since July and have always wondered the same question but have always been to shy to ask. Now I can't take it anymore...I need an answer!! :shame:

    What does DH mean? :sad:

    I see it everywhere and I assume it has to do with husbands. Here are my guesses:
    Darling Husband
    Designated Husband (I really have no clue!)

    Could someone finally fill me in? I am finally brave enough to ask!! :smile:

  2. it means dear husband :smile:
  3. Don't feel funny asking - I didn't know what it meant at 1st either.
    I never use it - I still just say husband. Dear husb & darling husband sound funny to me because I don't say that in regular conversation with people. I'll say his name or say my husband.
  4. Thanks guys!! It was killing me!! hehe

    I have one more now that I am on a about LMAO?
  5. laughing my a$$ off
  6. Oh geez I guess I could have guessed that one!!

  7. I wish there was a thread with all the abbreviations we use around here, or maybe a search function so that I could see if someone else...or perhaps 20 other people, have asked this same question in the past year..

  8. there was one in the feedback drop box, not sure if its still there
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.