Can't stop thinking about it and panicking

Aug 14, 2006
Tell me I'm not the only crazy person like this!

I have to work a 70 hour week this week (normally work 40 hrs) so I decided to take my overtime as extra days off and take some of it in cash so that I can pick up the Op Art Sabrina I've been eyeing in brass/fushcia. but our pay works weird and I won't be getting paid that extra $$ until Feb 20th. So I can't buy my bag until then and now I can't stop thinking about it! I'm worried that'll it be sold out before then. We only have one boutique here and they sell out of things realllly fast. I'll be crushed if it's gone when I go to get it :sad:

That's all! DH doesn't understand my panic at all so I had to share with people who will!
Aug 14, 2006
That is true! And it is a last resort kind of thing in my head... I've managed to convince myself that everywhere will be sold out by the time I have the cash for it. I am offically obsessed and insane! lol


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Jan 15, 2008
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I am sure it will be around by then! But I definitely understand what you are feeling, when I really want something, I get that feeling too. All I could think about last week was winning the ebay auction for my rose Leigh, I was driving DH nuts asking, "Do you think I'll win???" LOL. Don't worry, you're not alone!

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Sep 12, 2008
Nobody understands this obsession like another Coachie. I certainly hope it's still there when you get your overtime check. And yes, I've obsessed over a bag like that especially when it's not in the budget right at that moment.


Aug 1, 2008
Aww I totally know what you mean!! Even waiting TWO DAYS to buy something I'm already on the edge paranoid that it will all be sold out the second I arrive.

I agree with jeh3v ^, perhaps whip out the plastic card ? :P


Oct 6, 2008
It's only 3 weeks, so i think it's fine if you take it on your plastic now and pay it off as soon as you get the money... This way you don't have to worry or panic that it may be sold out...
by the way- there's a brass pink op art sabrina? did i miss something?


Nov 1, 2008
I know the feeling,,,, GOD we all need help. I dream and loss sleep thinking about the bag I want to get, waiting to get, worring if I will be able to get her etc.... LOL.

Ditto on the plastice, if you know you will have the funds, then put it on plastice and pay it once you have the cash. That way you can sleep peacfully and not be all crazy around DH.. GOod luck!


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Dec 19, 2008
Greensboro, NC
I know exactly what you are going through! I was going to order the Black/Silver Leather Carly and I decided to wait until my next paycheck. Of course they stopped carrying it on the website and in the stores! I ended up getting a brand new one on eBay for less than FP, but I still panicked. If I hadn't gotten it on eBay I'd have ordered it through JAX. I hope that you get your purse ASAP ;)


Dec 28, 2007
Sunny Arizona
If it was me, I would charge it on my credit card and then as soon as I got paid I would pay it off. If you can't or don't want to do that, I would either call JAX and see how many they have in their system or have your SA check quantities for you. It's a beautiful bag and I can see why you are in a panic over it. Sorry you have to work 70 hours this week, but at least you'll be able to get something great with it!


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Dec 8, 2008
I understand the panic. I wanted the bleeker purple patchwork tote and it sold out sooo quickly. Either that or just got pulled. Now I can't find it anywhere. On Ebay they have the hobo, andif they have a tote its used. :sad: I would go for it. I'm sure you're losing sleep. I know the feeling. I'm not sleeping for another week until I can get to the outlet. I want a rose ergo frame satchel so bad it's ridiculous. I say charge it, if possible. and btw....i haven't seen this brass fuschia sabrina....any pics?:confused1:


Sep 10, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
I think you will be able to find one too. but I know how you feel. I get like that all the time. If you can like someone else said, Charge it on plastic then pay the balance off when you get your monies. Thats what I would do, if I just had to have it.
Good Luck!