Can't stop myself...need an intervention I

  1. So, even though my birthday is in less than 2 weeks, and I have a package (Hermes) coming from France from my in laws (on vacation)...

    I have been a 'terrible' LV spree and must stop!

    Two weeks ago I got a lagoon clutch, mini elipse and antigua towel.

    Last week I got a charms pouchette, and mules and ordered a blue cabas antigua GM.

    So LV called this morning and I picked up my antigua, and ended up with a small koala agenda, pochette tikal, pouchette talum and denimn pouch (plus the antigua!) All the illicit goodies are still in the car (except the agenda). My DH usually is very patient with my I am with his, golf, but just couln't bring myself to bring in 2 big Vuitton shopping bags so close to my birthday.

    Plus waiting for a conte de fees coin purse to arrive!

    Feeling very guilty and gluttonous. Do any of you ever feel this way?
    Let me clarify (without sounding bad, I hope)'s not the money, that's not really the's just when is it too much?

    I think I feel even worse, because as much as I have and even with so many recent purchases I still have a 'list' that is much too long!

    Sorry, so long...good to get it out....would love to hear if anyone else gets this way. TIA
  2. I do it all the time, problem is I'm still pretty young and have my whole life ahead of me to buy LV,but I feel so bad cuz I have my own credit cards, and while my parents let me buy pretty much w.e I want, because alot of the times I guess they're happy I'm not a druggie etc, and I do well in school but sometimes I feel guilty as well, even thought they are the same, and our father for lack of a better phrase is the biggest "designer queen (or king I guess cuz hes a guy)" ever and is the worst in the family.
  3. Wow... that's some loot.

    I think the joy of the product is diminished if it is too easy to get. After a while it's not even the item anymore, but just being able to accumulate more. I love your taste, and if you can afford it, why not? But if you feel guilty, maybe it is time to force some restraint, - maybe one purchase a month?

    I've never spent any money on bags or luxury products, but since my new bag two and a half months ago, I've purchased a Hermes agenda, a twilly and DH has bought me a LV purse. I feel like I'm overdoing it. From spending nada to nearly $3K in 10 weeks. And my Excel list is getting longer all the time! DH has been a sweetie, and tells me he likes seeing me happy, but I feel like a real wastrel. :sad: I've told DH no more bags until next year!
  4. At first I feel that way, then I stare at my new items for hours. :P

    Don't think I'm a freak or anything :sweatdrop: ... but: I couldn't stop smelling my iPod case... it smelled orgasmic... :lol:
  5. :roflmfao: Thanks so much for the needed laugh!

    That's actually a good point...I will probably feel better, once I start 'playing' with them!

    You know, that did make me think, last year I had bought alot, but went on a 'mini' ban after November...and only bought my BV and first charm mules and cles, until this for the year, not too bad ;)

    Nothing like some freudian justification!
  6. Don't feel bad!:nuts: If you can afford it, WHY NOT?! The LIST NEVER ends though, that's the problem!!!:graucho: Can't wait to see what's in the parcel that's coming from France!!!:yahoo:I am sure it's something drool worthy!:drool::lol:
  7. The problem I think stems from this forum. I do believe it was only a few months ago I joined tPF and was pleased just to be buying my first LV, a batignolles horizontal. Since that time, I now own a damier speedy 30, a cerises cles, a damier agenda, and yesterdays purchase of a Petit Noe in fawn (thanks Irene and John). Ya'll are a bunch of enablers. Its like an AA meeting gone wrong. Not that I am much help to any of you, my usual response when you all are lusting is "oh alright, go for it". I am banning myself from purchasing anything else until i buy my Azur speedy, which i am in no rush to do. so stay strong MsB..dont give in to anymore temptation and if you feel an urge to buy coming on, don't ask me, because my answer will always be go for it. :P :nuts: :love: :s
  8. I have to agree....if you are able to buy all you want whenever you want...I think the fun of it goes down a little. At least it does for me some instances (not like I know what it's like to buy tons of LVs at a time :smile:) but that's how it is for me :smile:
  9. You're more than welcome to come to a Vuitton-Anon meeting with me... It has control over me, and I don't have control over it.. lol... It IS like a cult; all, the energy is directed towards LV, and ya can't help but get caught up in the current... I stare at my bags for hours on end too... and smell them too, but this weekend I was working in my studio and was really needing a special color and thought of my framboise brentwood. I cradled it with a towel in my studio and started studying the color, depths, lights etc. and man... did it ever work.

    Their more than a bag. Their LV!!! Later, I'm seriously going to a meeting, cause I'm not buying anymore till I turn 50!!! hahaha... But, I haven't bought any shoes.....which used to be my obsession....(not exactly a quick reply)...oops.
  10. One more thing... which I've been thinking a lot about with LV and learning more by riding my horses. Humans are basically predators, (horses are prey) and we love the HUNT! Hunting down and finding that limited edition item, color, price etc. is a total conquest and resonates deep within our being as total satisfaction... anyway, I'm just trying to justify.. but, I think it's true... still going to meetings...
  11. "It's like an AA meeting gone wrong" should be the bi-line for TPF. If you are fortunate enough to buy what you like, then enjoy! If you don't want as much, then wait and see if you REALLY want it, and then get it. Can't wait to see photos.
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: John, you sound like my boys. They do the same thing.

    aww, MsB you shouldn't feel so bad. If you can afford the things you want to buy, why not? My mom gave me some money and I used part of it to buy 3 LV's and 1 Chanel. Did I feel bad, oh heck no. I told my dh exactly what I was going to do so there will be no feelings of guilt and remorse. Feeling bad after purchases just takes away all the fun and excitement. So go ahead and just enjoy everything.:flowers: Congrats to all your new babies, how exciting:yes:
  13. It is nice to want something and buy it... but if you are feeling guilty there has to be something behind it... Seems like you are more of an impulse shopper... try seeing things and not getting them right away... give it a few days and if you are still thinking about it after a few days pass... then get it...
  14. If $ is not an issue, why not? If you love it, get it. Just make sure you LOVE it cause if you don't, what's the point of having it.
  15. Thanks so much everyone! You all made me feel so much better! My sister is coming over for a bit this morning, but after she leaves I will post pics!

    I really did laugh out loud!! So true!

    Sign me up! At least for awhile.

    That's what I do, too..many, many justifications!